Hello! I have an 08 HCH and I am experiencing the same problem. At about 30,000 miles, I was told that my tires were wearing unevenly and to get my alignment checked. I did so, and the guys at Honda told me that they "fixed" it and there was nothing wrong with my tires. 20,000 miles later, and my tires were making an awful noise. Took it to the dealer again, who told me I needed new tires, and an alignment done again. I did this. Then I look it up on the internet and I find all these other people who have the same problem. Imagine! There is a Honda service bulletin out there, its called 08-001, (google TSB 08-001) and it covers this exact problem. You need to have your rear control arms replaced, although - the dealer told me that this is not the problem with my car and this does not need to be done. I disagree. I think I do have this problem with my car and I think Honda doesn't want to fix it. Now - I love this car and I get 50 mpg with it which is fantastic but I do not want to have to buy new tires every 30,000 miles! And yes I got my tires rotated regularly as the tire manufacture recommended. I am calling my lawyer. I dislike being lied too and Honda has NOT fixed the problem on all their models.