I have driven many Prius including my freinds

My opinion is its a big Fad and people who buy it are not reading the true story. They waste money and causing more air smog by causing new cars to be built. Plus all the money in one of these goes straight to a foreign country. Only 1/8 of the money in this car goes back to the USA. Where when you buy an American car no matter where its built 85% of the money goes back into the USA.

I looked up the first electric car was the Detroit Electric in 1918 got 40 miles on a charge and used no gas at all.

Hybrids come from technologies that are not established. IE. Hybrid TV sets of the 1960s Transistor/Tube. Now its all Transistors or IC's. The only car you will see in 20 years is all EV you wont see any hybrids because they will be in-efficient.

First of all Prius is Very frumpy

Second you can get better millage on many cars close on some SUVs like the Ford escape.

IN Washington DC I see all the Prius owners ride around in the 100 degree heat with the windows open because when the AC is running the car has to be on Engine Only mode no EV. So you get like 30 MPG ... Funny how the famous car fails when you have heat.

The correct figures on Prius are like 40 City.

I have friends who own them and they get about that.

Toyota famous lies is what I cant stand. There cars are not safe in fact I read where the new Tundra failed the crash tests. This company just cares about profits and draining the American dollar to make Japan richer oh and I love the ads " Made in America" what they dont tell you is all the money and profits dont go back into this country. Infact I read some research you would have to buy 4 toyotas to equal what one GM or Ford puts back into our country.

Its nasty when people sell out to there own country to just be " IN Style"