Houston Hybrid & Hypermilers Club (aka HC)

Basic discussions about hybrids and techniques to maximize fuel efficiency (both hybrid and non-hybrid).

Sat, Aug 11th @ Noon
Sonic Drive-In, Cypress Texas (Houston Cy-Fair)
26044 Highway 290 (Northwest Houston Metro Area)

There are some tables in the center of the sonic and I'll be hanging out with a tan baseball cap reading "CleanMPG.com".

Google Map

-Prius Block Heater Install walk-through.
-EV Button Install walk-through.
-Hypermiling (Eco-Driving) tips and tricks.
-ScanGaugeII test runs and driving clinics.
-General Hybrid Q&A.

There are a few other fast food joints and one pizza place in the area if you want some other food.

I'll have my ScanGauge (fuel consumption display) so we can hook it up to your car to see real-time fuel usage. It works on most cars made after 1995. One thing that helps is knowing your engine size (displacement). This is usually represented in liters, cubic centimeters or cubic inches. An example would be a Prius 1.5L 4cyl.

Email or PM me and I'll pass along my cell number if you need it.