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    No, we're taking baby steps.

    No, we're taking baby steps. You don't ask the Wright Brothers to produce a 747 at Kitty Hawk. And YES, we do need to speed things up. But unless you want to bring Hitler back from the grave, we have to produce what the consumer is willing to purchase. AND we have to get the "old school" auto manufacturers to take risks in new technolgies. Voluntarily.

    Toyota took a HUGH risk, that no other auto manufacturer was willing to take (or spend money on), and produced the first mass-market Hybrid.

    Yes, there is GREAT room for improvement. And now that Prius is selling like hotcakes, many other auto manufacturers are getting on the bandwagon. And improvements will be made.

    High effiency diesels are definitely one direction to take the auto industry, but even the highest efficency diesel still relies on dead dinosaurs to operate.

    Another direction (that Prius is taking) is the plug-in hybrid that can run for 30+ miles on NO PETROLEUM in any form. With fossil fuel as a secondary propulsion source only after the batteries are discharged.

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    This may be TRUE for other

    This may be TRUE for other Pruis owners as well !!!

    My Pruis is MORE LIKELY to be involved in an AUTO ACCIDENT than any of the other cars I own.... including my Jeep and motorcycles...

    And for those of you that DO NOT OWN a Pruis you may find this hard to understand but for us Pruis owners the reason is quit simple math....

    We simply drive our Pruis more often... more places... more fun...

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    I completely agree- plug-in

    I completely agree- plug-in hybrids are an absolutely fantastic concept. I anxiously away the release of the 2011 Nissan Leaf. Knowing that the mean distance traveled per day by the "average" American commuter is 32 miles, the plug-in hybrid could be an absolutely form of transportation, saving hundreds of gallons of gasoline per year. Until that day, though, my thesis stands.

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    "an absolutely

    "an absolutely fantastic"
    Sorry about that.

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    The only complained I have

    The only complained I have read regarding Prius is the steering. It seems an on going problem yet to be resolved.

    I believe the benefits outweighed that problem by far.

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    this car is the best

    this car is the best

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    When one of your Prius's get

    When one of your Prius's get stuck call me so i can come pull you out with my truck that gets 12 MPG

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    I am on the same page as

    I am on the same page as Jeremy Clarkson - The Hummer, that does 1 mile per gallon is far more economic than any hybrid. I guess Hydrogen Fuel Cell cars (that cost the environment in the compression process) will be the next big thing. When people realise that money drives everything, and that as an existence, we are really too insignificant to affect or destroy our planet, the better. Efficiency theories are great, really interesting, but that's where it stops. Our planet will exist long after we're gone together with all the hybrids we drove when we were here. This forum will be quantum of solace to the next life form that inhabit our earth. Get real!

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    I have a 2006 Prius and I

    I have a 2006 Prius and I love it, getting an average of 52 mpg, but I do have a problem. I need another smart key to replace one of the two that came with the car. I wanted to save $$$ so instead of buying a new one from Toyota, I bought a used one on e-Bay. I also had someone give me one from the same year and model when they got rid of their car, but Toyota said they could not reprogram either remote. Has anyone had any luck getting a smart key reprogrammed?

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