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    I can only speak for the

    I can only speak for the 2008 Prius. According to the shop manuals (4 books, about 20lb) the smart key itself has three factory pre-programmed codes. These are "burned" into the key, and cannot be changed or reset. Doors, ignition, anti-theft.

    It is the CAR's computer that is "programmed" to accept the code from a key.

    The key itself is not reprogrammed.

    If the key is also from another 2006 Prius, I cannot see any reason it could not be programmed into your car's computer.

    Except for the possiblity that your Toyota dealer is LYING to you in order to sell you a $250 blank key....

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    I just love reading the

    I just love reading the closed mind narrow-field justification, people use for these type arguments. Just like the progressive-slanted "greenies" data points to justify faux global warming-cum climate change- which next will be "lobal cooling". Too big a data set, too complex a system, too short a time span for mere humans to understand so completely, but yet, if there is an underlying motive, like progressive liberal motives currently have, we will spout off all kinds of data to push an agenda. As an engineer myself I am ashamed at what our "climate science" has become.
    Regarding the Prius, similar issue. The battery for example. I can buy (recycle) a used Prius battery with low mileage for like $300 when mine dies. I can go in and replace individual cells if I wish. Not everybody has that kind of capability, but the issue is recyclability and cost. We have been making NIMH batteries for years, they are almost inert. Nickel is not a poison. It is in almost every metallic object we touch, as a base layer of all things chromed. We can easily recycle these batteries, the same as our super successful lead acid recycling program which is so transparent nobody talks about it. And if we go the route of other advanced countries, we can implement much less expensive, less complex, more safe, smaller nuke plants that emit no greenhouse gases, to power all these electric cars. Nuclear advances have continued despite our avoidance of the technology these past 30 years.
    We need to collectively get our heads out of our asses, grow up, think for ourselves instead of believing all the hype slung by the progressive media, and push for sensible energy resources. A balance of nuke and wind/solar, and sensible use of fossil fuels will serve us well until we can find something better like fusion.

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    I just bought a 2005 and i

    I just bought a 2005 and i love it

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    The prius is crap you would

    The prius is crap you would better off buying a 1964 chevrolet impala

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    Well, I'm not a greenie and

    Well, I'm not a greenie and not much for saving the whales, a spotted toad or some forgotten species of minnow. I'm about dollars and cents. I went into a Toyota dealer to see if I would even fit in a clown car like the Yaris. They didn't have one, so I took a Prius for a ride. Before the test drive was over I knew I wanted one. I couldn't care less if the battery pack contributes to global warming or solar wind, 45-55 miles per gallon make driving fun again. The car is peppy and handles well. After the POS Obama Motors Chevy Colorado I had with all it's weird electrical problems that they never heard of, that other forums have hundreds of posts on, the Prius so far is a breath of fresh air.

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    You are incredibly

    You are incredibly uneducated if you think, "a hummer on the road for one year is better for the environment than just the production of a prius." What do you think goes into the production of a hummer? Prius IS the #1 fuel efficient car in the U.S. thus making it far more better for the world than a hummer... Good try though.

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    Absolutely false statement!

    Absolutely false statement! I know no one that has replaced their battery for 1. I have also checked with several dealers I deal with and they also have never replaced one single battery, some for over 10 years.

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    I own a 06 if fuel prices

    I own a 06 if fuel prices were to remain at current prices (3.05) and we know they cant stay this way (PEAK OIL) I will saved in fuel what the car orginally cost me after tax rebate ($19.3K). I will still have a car that should be more than able to take me another 100K miles easily. I have conversed with folks that drive a pu to work each day when they get to work they park the pu and have to drive company vehicles in the plant. I reason with them that they should get a prius explain all the fuel and money they would save. They say "I have to bring my tool box to work( large tool box not so heavy but as big as a coffin) I ask them how often do you bring your tool box to work they say when the job starts and ends usually 6 mos to a year or longer. They drive all them miles throwing away all that money because they are afraid of what their co-workers would think of them they could get a trailer hitch put on the prius to tow that tool box to work sure it would affect economy for that trip but all the miles they drive that truck that the car is all they need. Look go to fueleconomy.gov they have a fuel price comparitor with it you can project what you will save in fuel. When I plug in the real numbers for a prius vs a F 150 giving the prius a low 40 mpg the numbers are staggering the car saves you $16K every 100K miles. Ladies and gentlemen that is some peoples home. When I drive 200K miles with my car I will have saved the money in fuel alone to have paid off my home I now live in. $32K is what we signed for in 2001 we now own it outright. And tires OMG I got tires for the prius from Wal Matrt cost $405 fully insured and then some the tires for the F 150 cost over $700. I can change my own prius oil takes me literally 5 min to do it it takes me longer than that to drive to a oil change place then you do paper work and sit in the room etc. I am a cheap old bastard and I would get my gun if somebody tried to steal $32K from me these bafoons gift wrap it over willingly. Another fact prius will use less than 5K gallons of fuel to travel 200K miles that F 150 will have to use over 7,500 gallons no wonder they are so crabby they spend all that time at the fuel pump pumping all that fuel. I borrowed brother in laws truck I have a thing when I borrow your car I fill it ul it cost over $60 to fill it up (you know he had it on empty)? When I filled it up it stopped at $50 I had to stop all go inside reauthorize the purchase to allow me to put in the additional fuel some type of anti theft deal with the CC company imagine if you were on a cross country run how long it would take you to refuel using the truck? Stop the truck not only do you have to be careful about refueling bc the range is not too good with a F 150 but you have to pump 20 gallons or more compared to the prius 12 gallons. Range at 80 MPH (legal speed limit in W Texas) the car got 38 mpg when we drove 65 (night time speed limit) we got 48 mpg. Car was fully loaded with over 700lbs of passengers & cargo laptop going along with the ac. I have more I could say but why the retards could not read all this comment let alone stand up to the pier pressure to drive a car that pays for the majority of their kids college. Besides these types don't save for college they save for bail and cigarette money for their offspring. Ron Paul 2012

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    If we got the PIHV prius we

    If we got the PIHV prius we would not buy hardly any fuel. As a self professed cheapskape I hate to pay taxes we all know that much of the money we pay when we buy a gallon of fuel us road tax (USA). If I had the PIHV I would probably save enough money to pay for the car even sooner than current projections with the 07 prius. According to my math when we get to 120K miles we will have saved in fuel what the car cost us.
    Now with the PIHV prius you will have to use electricity to refuel and that will not be free but according to estimates it will cost 1.00 in electricity to drive that gallons worth of distance compared to $3.05 and we could easily install solar panels to replinish the juice used to refuel the car. The break even point on a solar install is usually around 7 years. This means that after initial investment of the car and panels we will literally be running our car on sunshine.
    Drive to work 6 miiles one way drive home is 8 miles since a stop at the library and gym is in order face it folks the PIHV will be nothing but NET.
    Now am I going out and buying the car today? I dont think so the 07 has but 76K miles we are not even half way through its life the dealership would have to give us a VERY RESPECTABLE OFFER to get us in the new PIHV. I figure every 1K miles we drive the 07 we can deduct $160 from the car price so 78K times $160 that would be $12,480 difference of 6,820 chip on $2K for other expenses and the have a deal. If I got 10K trade for the car I would do the deal this is not too much to ask for a toyota under 90K miles.
    I hate debt but this is about the only car I would go into debt for since it would save us so much money.

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    Where do you think the

    Where do you think the electricity comes from? Do you think it is cost effective and that the manufacturing of that electricity is emission free or hazmat free? (Somebody just said to themselves, "From the wall socket. duh!")

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