No, we're taking baby steps. You don't ask the Wright Brothers to produce a 747 at Kitty Hawk. And YES, we do need to speed things up. But unless you want to bring Hitler back from the grave, we have to produce what the consumer is willing to purchase. AND we have to get the "old school" auto manufacturers to take risks in new technolgies. Voluntarily.

Toyota took a HUGH risk, that no other auto manufacturer was willing to take (or spend money on), and produced the first mass-market Hybrid.

Yes, there is GREAT room for improvement. And now that Prius is selling like hotcakes, many other auto manufacturers are getting on the bandwagon. And improvements will be made.

High effiency diesels are definitely one direction to take the auto industry, but even the highest efficency diesel still relies on dead dinosaurs to operate.

Another direction (that Prius is taking) is the plug-in hybrid that can run for 30+ miles on NO PETROLEUM in any form. With fossil fuel as a secondary propulsion source only after the batteries are discharged.