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    Fun prius facts?

    Hello all!

    I had a friend try to tell me not to buy a prius because it is not a safe car. I then looked up the crash ratings for the prius and his car. The crash ratings were the same! Now what are you going to complain about buddy?

    So, I am looking for some fun facts to tell my friends who do not think the Prius is a good car. Things like “If x people switched to a prius we would not have to import ANY oil”.

    Have fun and give me some good ammo to help spread the word!

    Thanks all,


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    just got 2008 and its the

    just got 2008 and its the best , Iam geting 54,5 mpg at 65 mph, and as all the big car run out of gas , i just cruise on by, now when I pull in to a gas station, its to get a coke , dp

    Love My Prius


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    Here's a fun fact: The Prius

    Here's a fun fact: The Prius does NOT have a reverse gear in the transmission.

    the Prius is physically incapable of backing up using the gas engine.

    Prius backs up by running the electric drive motor backwards.

    Another fun fact:

    Prius does NOT have a throttle or brake pedal. It has two computer game controllers that "look" like throttle and brake pedals, but are in fact computer joy sticks.

    Google the aviation term F.A.D.E.C.

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    Well, if its the environment

    Well, if its the environment you care for, dont waste your money. The batteries go out within four years and they cant be recylced when replaced. So that just more to the landfill huh? and the nickel in those batteries kill so much land around the plants. PLUS the fossil fuels used to get them sent to the us is horrible. every part is sent different ways. And they def dont last as long as most cars.

    A hummer on the road for one year is better for the environment than just the production of a prius. (:

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    I Love My 2006 Prius. I love

    I Love My 2006 Prius. I love the enviorment

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    [&#@%!] the environment.

    fuck the environment. the earth wont last forever so lets use what it has while were still here

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    "Saving the Earth" is a

    "Saving the Earth" is a contradiction in terms.

    We cannot "save the earth"

    We cannot "destroy the earth"

    Earth was here billions of years before humanity, and earth will be here for billions of years after humanity is gone.

    What we are REALLY trying to do is SAVE HUMANITY. Stop polluting the earth or it will be incapable of sustaining human life.

    Remember, the dinosaurs ruled the earth for over 200 million years. And now they are gone...

    We've only been around for 20 million or so (or only 6,000 for you creationists).

    So don't do anything to try to save the earth. SAVE HUMANITY, SAVE YOUR CHILDREN, and their children, and their children...

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    Dont comment if you dont

    Dont comment if you dont know what you are talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    My Prius battery comes with

    My Prius battery comes with an 8 year/100,000 mile warranty.

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    Fun facts: It takes about

    Fun facts:

    It takes about 130,000,000 BTU of energy to create, process, ship and install the battery pack used in the Prius.

    A gallon of 93-octane gasoline contains approx. 120,000 BTU of chemical potential energy. Divide 130,000,000 by 120,000 to get 1083 gallons of fuel (or the energy equivalent thereof).

    That 1083 gallons, at 50 mpg, equates to 54,150 miles' worth of emissions due to driving.

    Figure that the Prius, without its battery pack, would achieve mileage slightly better than that of the Yaris (figure 45 mpg, as opposed to the Yaris's 42 mpg, approx.). Subtract that from the mileage it achieves with its battery pack (50 mpg), and you get a difference of 5 mpg, or 10%. For 54,150 miles to equal a 10% improvement in mileage, the car would have to travel 541,000 miles, by which time the battery pack would have been replaced at least 3 times.

    Rather, look toward clean diesel. Diesel engines are more efficient than gasoline engines by nature. Granted, diesel fuel only contains about 80,000 BTU per gallon, as opposed to 120,000 from gasoline, but the nature of a diesel engine- with a compression ratio as high as 15, as compared to 9 or 10 for a gasoline engine-demonstrates how it is able to turn that chemical potential energy into mechanical energy at a much higher rate of efficiency. Couple that with an increased torque output (which means transmissions can be geared to optimize the torque output from the engine), and diesels are clearly mechanically more efficient.

    The biggest drawback to diesel fuel is the increased level of nitrous oxide emsissions. However, with emerging technologies from Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen, urea is being used as an agent to neutralize the emissions. Urea is a common commercial chemical and is widely available, so manufacturing of it is not a concern.
    Another drawback many people see from diesel engines is the amount of particulate matter they release. Particulate matter, however, when it leaves the troposphere and enters the stratosphere, merely becomes a base for the condensation of a water droplet. A denser concentration of particulates relates to a denser cloud, with increased albedo (reflectivity). Increased albedo would help cool the planet in two ways: It would mean that more of the sun's light gets reflected back into space, and it would mean that the clouds are physically denser, and holding more water. Thus, precipitation would be heavier, and this would have a cooling effect.

    We have almost 50 ppm of CO2 in our atmosphere more than is considered allowable to keep Earth's temperature stable. It is absolutely imperative that we focus on cutting carbon emissions as much as possible. There are cars available in Europe which achieve 75 mpg, using small, turbocharged diesel engines. If America is to truly make an impact toward helping to curb global warming, diesel is the way of the future. It is a beautiful sight to see people buying hybrid cars with the intention of saving the planet. Frankly, it's about time we started caring for our home. I'm sorry, but if you bought a hybrid with the hope of helping to actually reduce your carbon footprint, you've been misled by hype.

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