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    I am driving a 2007 Camry

    I am driving a 2007 Camry Hybrid. I am experiencing an odor coming into the cabin via the vents which leaves me hoarse with my eyes burning and my bronchus burning. I have attmepted to get this evaluated and corrected on numerous occassions with no luck. Is this what is being described in these posts? Am I in any physical danger?

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    I'll bet that the source of

    I'll bet that the source of the odor isn't the electric part of the drivetrain.
    Seriously though get it checked out by Toyota and push them to fix it as hard as you can. It can't be good for you.

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    ex-EV1 - Maybe a different

    ex-EV1 - Maybe a different perspective on the risks of EMF exposure will help people understand your view.

    1) Does kff let his children play outside in the sun? That nuclear furnace 93 million miles away is spewing all kinds of toxic radiation including XRays, Gamma Rays, Ultraviolet and infrared radiation.
    It is a known fact that too much sun exposure will cause skin cancer. So do we stay inside all the time? If you do then your body will not be able to produce enough vitamin D and Vitamin D defficiency is now known to lead to other health issues. So we are damned if we do and damned if we don't.

    The point is that there is always unavoidable risk in living.
    Vitamin A is healthy - too much is poison.
    Looking at all the risks involved in transporting children in a vehicle, EMF exposure is minuscule comared to other forms of pollution, bad driving, bad roadways, road hazzards, weather, toxins from other materials (including the "Stuff" that creates that new car smell).

    I suppose if you are looking for a pathetically flimsy excuse to not buy a hybrid you can use EMF radiation. Oh, and I hope your children are enjoying their video games, we all know how totally harmless they are.

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    lpatterson30, do a Google

    lpatterson30, do a Google search on "sulfur odor Camry", or Corolla for that matter and you'll soon see too many hits to count. We encounter this odor not infrequently in my wife's Corolla. Yeah, I am sure this can't be good for you. But we learn to live with it because it is intermittent and in part because we have to. I think dealers tend to blame the gas. But my 10-year-old Volvo that I "inherited" from my dad never once gave such a smell sipping gas from the same station and the same pump (the downside is that it probably cost me more in repairs totaling over 10 years than the original price my dad paid).

    I totally agree with Shiney that EMF is probably one of the least health threats to a kid or an adult in a car. And giving a kid a cell phone to yak on all day can't be that great, either. I also understand the frustration with sun exposure. These days it is considered slightly reckless to leave your fair-skinned younsters in the rays for prolonged periods without slathering some SPF3000 on. Hey, it wouldn't be so bad to stay indoors, pop vitamin tablets while making sure they are swiss-made (even then some ingredients are imported from China I am sure), eat from own vegetables in the back yard, drink from clay water bottles ... and play video games!

    My whole point is that why not take a proactive stance? There are enough youngish people with little family history coming down with all sorts of cancer, more than can be explained by lead-time bias or the two-hundred-years-ago-they'd-all-have-died-from tuberculosis theory. As Mr. Rumsfeld would surely agree, there are enough "unknown" unknowns out there to lose sleep over, why is it too much to ask a company like Toyota to take care of a known "unknow"? Or at least present some options? If aftermarket shielding cost $3000, I'd stick my neck out and say if they did what had to be done in factory, it'd cost them 1/3 of that. But that's of course my pure uneducated conjecture. Of course, it would stay this way since Toyota refuse to even acknowledge it as a "potential" concern.

    BTW, I recently took a couple trips to Northern Ontario. I asked the car rental guys which car(s) I should get for winter roads (For reasons of cost, rental car companies in the true north do not stock winter tires on their fleet) and they said they are all the same - just avoid Camrys. I asked why, and they said that even though all their cars have all-seasons, the stock ones from Toyota are the worst! This struck me not just as some car rental guy's off-handed comment, but something borne out by my own experience. In the first year my wife got her Corolla, as gingerly a driver as she was, she hydroplaned three times. I didn't believe her until once I experienced it myself in the car, on a moderately wet summer road making a right turn. Anyways, I promptly installed the Nokian WRs which I had used myself, and threw away the brand-new all-seasons that came with her Corolla.

    Why did I digress into the tires and all? Because I suspect that if Toyota can equip the cars they sell in Canada with such crappy all-seasons, they are not going to address this at all without some major pressure from consumers.

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    For people worried about

    For people worried about toxic chemicals in cars, look up this web site

    This is an intresting medical article on the dangers of EMFs from cell phone:

    This is also applicable to EMFs from car or any other EMF producing device. This is enough for me not to consider driving in a maze of EMFs. You also have to keep in mind that Telecom industry is lot more powerful and will buy or produce any science that suits its purposes and thus create a sense of controversy.

    My take is that Volvo will be the best candidate as it is swedish car and thus is designed with low EMFs plus the newer models have the new air filter technology that keep the indoor cabin free of allergins/toxins/chemicals/exhuast fumes.
    Also it is well known for its sound safetly ratings in crash tests.

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    You know what makes me

    You know what makes me laugh, somewhere between the mid sixties and today, the household electrical panel went from 60 amps to at LEAST 200 amps. No one building a home today would consider a panel less than that. Doesn't anyone realize that all those wires servicing all those devices we can't do without, are producing electrical fields? How many of you so concerned about this put your cloths out to dry on a clothes line rather than an electric dryer (a huge amperage draw). These EMF's might be lower, but how much more time do you spend in your home than in your car?

    And yes, I have kids and a hybrid. And there are no WMD in Iraq, stop swallowing every scare tactic you are fed.

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    I am researching EMFs in

    I am researching EMFs in hybrid cars for a New York Times story. Could I talk with you about your experience with the hybrid Camry? I talked with one other hybrid Camry owner who was having flu-like symptoms whenever she drove the car. A nurse, she didn't know anything about EMFs but was able to describe her symptoms pretty well. She thought the problem might actually be the Camry's unique air filter system, but I believe she replaced the filter at the dealership without finding any change. Can you update me on your experience as described on this website http://www.hybridcars.com/forums/bri...rid-t1599.html and give me contact information?

    Jim Motavalli
    E/The Environmental Magazine
    28 Knight Street
    Norwalk, CT 06851
    203-854-5559, X107
    cell: 203-610-0549
    FAX: 203-866-0602
    e-mail: jimm@emagazine.com

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    I note that you are NOT

    I note that you are NOT measuring EMF - but a magnetic field. There is a huge difference between an AC field and a DC field - becasue the AC Field can induce currents, while the DC field causes a small current to flow only when one moves within the field.
    I have NO IDEA where your safe threshold number came from - but I have looked carefully at thresholds for AC fields and they are a lot higher than you are suggesting.
    Have a look at the currents in your own home - and I suspect that you wont let your kids walk near a TV - or much worse - an electric stove or oven. The thought of putting an earpiece near your ear may provide higher frequency AC fields - that are far more damaging - so that would eliminate ipods, telephones and cell phones...

    I think that in fairness, you want to be cautious and no one can fault you for that - but to pick on a hybrid car for this reason - and ignore the other issues - to say nothing of the GHG and toxic fumes from standard cars - that you will drive is a tad hypociritical... or misinformed...

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    Please go to

    Please go to www.electricalpollution.com for easily understandable and documented information that may help clarify many of the issues raised through these comments. There is a filter that one can purchase for each outlet in a home, called a Graham Stetzer filter. Perhaps this man has info that would be relevant to helping those of us with emf concerns/effects from driving hybrids. i suspect I may have some problems that stem from this but not sure yet. i am going to contact him about this. One idea I thought about was to get a couple filters and put them in a plug-in adapter that has regular plugs in it that can be plugged into the car. But I'm only having this idea now, so haven't experimented yet. We also, in discussing this, need to realize that there are many sources of electricity/emf's/stray voltage that can cross=react with each other while we're in our cars, and this also needs to be considered. Then there is the issue of when it rains and whether this makes us additionally vulnerable. it most certainly does if you're standing on the earth after a rain, relative to voltage travelling through the earth. This is all documented at this site. WI is primary state where major work has been done on this subject and results have been obtained, enough so that at least one farmer has one a major lawsuit about how stray voltage damaged his herd...
    Please minimize the snide remarks, folks. It is valid that we ask questions. It is also patently untrue that there is no evidence about health effects from emf's, elf's, stray voltage or information-carrying radio waves, which are actually the big danger in cell phones and powerful newer portable phones. Anyone wanting to be kept posted on what I find out could email me at welaware@merr.com and I'll start a list. Since I own a Prius, this is of great concern to me. Thanks to all the work put into some of these highly informative comments!

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