I hate to rain on everybody's parade but for people with kids I felt I had to post something. Shortly after purchasing a Camry Hybrid we then found out about EMF's. After searching on the Internet
I could not find any negative reports on the Camry concerning EMF.

From reading, it seems negative effects from EMF effect children more so than adults. So I bought a Gaussameter to test The EMF in the car. I found 100mG + in the back seat and passenger side floor boards, when the gas motor is charging the battery. (safe is no more than 2-3mG)

A hair dryer gives off 200-300mg. The danger comes from long term exposure

What's interesting is I tested my 2000 intrepid and found 100+ at the fire wall
near the pedals. Then I tested my 1994 Taurus which gives comparably very low only 12mG at the firewall. Probably due to the old distributor and spark plug design , now ignition systems are very complex as in my intrepid)

I even considered shielding the battery and electronics from EMF safety .com
which seems doable, but extremely costly. To do it myself would cost at least $1600+ for the Camry . Some day I may shield my Intrepid to protect my legs.

Ultimately I decided not expose my children to that. I'm hope that my fears are not true for those who drive hybrids (dealer thinks we're nuts) . It's a shame I absolutely love the car but not this aspect of it. The sad part is all car companies can shield wiring ,batteries etc but I assume the cost is prohibitive and they won't do it unless the government finds a hazard. If I didn't have children I would have kept the car.

I'll be looking for the Air Hybrids to come out http://www.scuderigroup.com/ in the coming years. Good luck everybody.