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    Bringing back the hybrid for a Camry LE

    I hate to rain on everybody's parade but for people with kids I felt I had to post something. Shortly after purchasing a Camry Hybrid we then found out about EMF's. After searching on the Internet
    I could not find any negative reports on the Camry concerning EMF.

    From reading, it seems negative effects from EMF effect children more so than adults. So I bought a Gaussameter to test The EMF in the car. I found 100mG + in the back seat and passenger side floor boards, when the gas motor is charging the battery. (safe is no more than 2-3mG)

    A hair dryer gives off 200-300mg. The danger comes from long term exposure

    What's interesting is I tested my 2000 intrepid and found 100+ at the fire wall
    near the pedals. Then I tested my 1994 Taurus which gives comparably very low only 12mG at the firewall. Probably due to the old distributor and spark plug design , now ignition systems are very complex as in my intrepid)

    I even considered shielding the battery and electronics from EMF safety .com
    which seems doable, but extremely costly. To do it myself would cost at least $1600+ for the Camry . Some day I may shield my Intrepid to protect my legs.

    Ultimately I decided not expose my children to that. I'm hope that my fears are not true for those who drive hybrids (dealer thinks we're nuts) . It's a shame I absolutely love the car but not this aspect of it. The sad part is all car companies can shield wiring ,batteries etc but I assume the cost is prohibitive and they won't do it unless the government finds a hazard. If I didn't have children I would have kept the car.

    I'll be looking for the Air Hybrids to come out http://www.scuderigroup.com/ in the coming years. Good luck everybody.

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    Congratulations on being able to measure EMF. Any gaussmeter can do that. Now for the tough part. What is the correlation between low levels of EMF and health? Hint: no one has been able to show any.
    There is correlation between the fumes emitted from plastic seats and dashboards to health issues yet no one worries about these. Why? No alarmist lawyers have raised bogus concerns. In reality, there is no evidence of serious health issues with either.
    Of course the risk from fumes pales in comparison with the risk of automobile collisions where tens of thousands of kids die each year.
    I question your grasp on statistics or priorities.
    If you really are that concerned about your kid's health, leave them home but don't spread mindless panic unnecessarily.

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    Genius alert!

    One additional thing kff:
    Since you seem to want us to think you're so smart: Why don't you look up the specific energy (Wh/kg) of compressed air and the specific energy of NiMH and Li-ion batteries and let us know how far a Camry sized vehicle powered by compressed air will go with a 200 lb compressed air power plant compared to how far it will go with 200 lb of NiMH or Li-ion batteries.
    Hint: the compressed air vehicle will go about 1 percent as far as the battery one.
    If you want electricity free propulsion, go with a very old fashioned diesel or perhaps a Stanley Steamer. But then, you'll just kill your poor kids with the exhaust from these too.

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    Relax, no need to get nasty. I thought my post was neutral.

    Thanks for the suggestion, but I'll take my kids with me. I'm going to go out on a limb and say you don't have kids. If you do, I feel sorry for them.

    Forty years ago lead paint and asbestos were considered safe, I guess those dam lawyers killed a good business.

    If EMF is absolutely no concern, why do companies sell shielding material for
    large office buildings, residential houses, and yes a couple of crack pots have shielded their hybrids!

    Statistically, most people if given a choice would not rent or buy a house that is directly under a high voltage transmission line, I would be one of those people and you would be the one living under the wires.

    So I'm not going to change your mind and I'm still getting rid of my Camry hybrid.

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    I feel the right to get nasty about ignorant idiots like you who spout garbage you know nothing about.
    People will shield buildings, houses, and hybrids because idiots like you that can buy Gausmeters and will pay more for lower EMF.
    I pity your kids since their parents will loudly protect them from imagined goblins while exposing them to real threats just because they have become accustomed to the real threats.
    Go ahead and get rid of your Camry hybrid and when pure EV's or any other form of sustainable solutions come onto the market, shun them as well.
    This way, you can condem your poor kids (you're right, I don't have any but I do have a nieces and nephews whom I love and care greatly about) and their contemporaries to a life of Dickensonian poverty after we run out of oil or our climatic balance shifts economies so much the fabric of our society breaks down - whichever comes first.
    Lead has been easily proven to be poisonous since around 0 AD. It could be proven immediately in the lab. Asbestos did take a while to prove but the affects are immediately visible under a microscope. You can't do this with low level EMF. But then you were probably a poetry major so this is all above your head.
    . . . since you're into protection from ghosts, you might want to hang some garlic over your door to ward off evil spirits as well.

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    Well kff, since you're getting off the hybrid bandwagon, how about considering the hybrid's main competition - modern diesel cars. A new or late model VW Jetta TDI or Passat TDI should easily get the same mpg as the Camry hybrid. Or, if you can afford it, get a new Mercedes E320 Bluetec.

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    I'm sure that the brilliant kff will find evil EMF in the TDIs as well. Any modern, efficient, clean ICE will require a lot of electronics to control everything although the diesels may have lower EMF levels than something with spark plugs or electric propulsion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ex-EV1 driver View Post
    I'm sure that the brilliant kff will find evil EMF in the TDIs as well. Any modern, efficient, clean ICE will require a lot of electronics to control everything although the diesels may have lower EMF levels than something with spark plugs or electric propulsion.

    I had that thought as well. Either that or perhaps some talk on how diesel particles cause cancer...

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    kff_ I just want to let you know you are not the only so called idiot out there. We to just purchased a 07 Toyota Prius and after reading the owners manual discovered the disclosure about the emf. We have taken our matters to Toyota Corp level. This Friday we are taking the car back to the dealership because the emf was not disclosed prior to purchase.
    I don't have problems with hybrid vehicle and glad so many people love them. We love our Prius but don't feel safe putting our kids in the back seat. I know once there is enough concern about this automakers will start shielding the vehicles better and we will then be in the mark for another hybrid vehicle.

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    kff and dtm_prius,
    I guess you folks should just go out and buy an old fashioned gas guzzling Hummer to protect your kids. After all, you wouldn't want to risk killing your kids in an accident any more than those imaginary EMF hazzards that no one has been able to link to any health issues in over 30 years of looking and millions of dollars in research.
    You want to be sure that your kids live to enjoy life without oil and with the knowledge that their parents smuggly bragged of how they helped to destroy the only viable alternative known to man while accelerating the process of eliminating the lifeblood of our society (that would be oil if you aren't completely clued in).

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