Forget Buying a Green Car: You Know You Want a Truck!

The news today at is now that gas is nationally hovering at $2.60 per gallon, you should forget about a sensible, fuel-saving family sedan.

Instead, since Americans like big tough vehicles anyway, a truck could really better fill your lifestyle requirements.

After all, truck drivers were voted 85 more handsome, 76 percent more resourceful, and well, that just makes them much more cool. You know you want a truck! …

… These thoughts are not ours, but those of Chevrolet in an ad for its 2015 Colorado.

The automaker that keeps the Spark EV locked up in Oregon and California only, and says the Volt has been a “niche” vehicle “just like Corvette” is seeing its monthly balance sheets helped along by larger vehicles, and is happy to help you make your choice.

Its 2:37 minute commercial features a nice cross-sectional demographic focus group which strongly expressed the cool factor of the man standing next to a red Colorado compared to the same man standing next to a silver non-descript sedan.

Last month the automaker sold only 2,366 examples of the Colorado, so perhaps it needs a boost compared to the Silverado pickup which accounted for twice the next-best selling Chevrolet’s sales at 42,799.

The Coloado, rated as high as 20 mpg combined, is the third-best EPA rated truck, so that is relatively good.

Beyond that, the notion that mainstream consumers make choices as logical as Mr. Spock has never been proven, and more realistically, as every car salesman knows, the opposite is true.

People buy things because of how they make them feel. Bank on it. Chevrolet does.

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