Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant Only One To Build Four 40 mpg + Vehicles

With production of the C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid started, Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant (MAP) is now the only manufacturing site in the world to build vehicles with five different fuel-efficient powertrains on the same line.

It also becomes the only one to build four vehicles that deliver 40 mpg or more in real-world driving.

Those four over 40 mpg vehicles built by MAP are the C-MAX Energi, C-MAX Hybrid, Focus Electric and Focus SE with SFE (Super Fuel Economy) package.

“Michigan Assembly Plant is setting a new global standard for flexible manufacturing, and is a central part of Ford’s important milestone, sweeping Toyota across the board for fuel economy leadership,” said Jim Tetreault, Ford vice president of North America Manufacturing. “The transformation of this plant is proof of how our One Ford plan has transformed our products, giving our customers industry-leading choices for hybrids, plug-ins, electrics and EcoBoost-powered vehicles.”

The fuel economy numbers for Ford’s four MAP-built vehicles are as follow and as provided by Ford, including the Toyota comparison comments:

• C-MAX Hybrid at 47 mpg combined beats Prius v by 7 mpg in the compact hybrid utility segment

• C-MAX Energi at 100 MPGe combined beats Prius Plug-in by 5 MPGe in the plug-in hybrid market

• Focus SFE at 40 mpg highway beats Corolla by 6 mpg in the compact segment

• Focus Electric at 110 MPGe city does not have a Toyota competitor.

Let’s just hope Ford is very sure of these numbers and will not be stuck with a “procedural” mistake in its mpg calculations like Hyundai and Kia did recently.

Ford is very proud of the flexible manufacturing efforts it has undergone and said its Manufacturing and Product Development teams began working together four years ago to develop product platform designs that enable the use of programmable equipment to produce multiple variations of products in one facility; today, more than 80 percent of the tooling in the plant’s body shop can be programmed to weld a variety of body styles. This allows Ford to quickly adjust the mix between models as customer preferences change.

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  • Van

    Where is the 2013 Fusion Hybrid and Fusion Energi built? Two more 40+ vehicles from Ford.

  • fusionlover

    Mexico even though Ford will start building non hybrid Fusions at the Flat Rock plant (formerly the AAI plant for Mazda6 / Mustang) with the Mustang sometime in late 2012/early 2013

  • Volume Van

    Excellent, hope Ford will soon reach the Million Hybrid mark. Toyota has sold more than 4.6 million Hybrids with 3.3 million of them being Prius (all 4 models)

  • Jim Jones

    A buddy of mine who hated hybrids ( big conservative talk radio listener ) and would almost bust on my prius finally realized the price of gas is not going back to $2 a gallon. He bought a fusion hybrid and really likes it. Now he is telling me he was never anti-hybrid…

  • otter

    I was really considering a C-max but keep reading that the real world mpgs are much less than the 47/47 that the epa got. I have a feeling that gas is going to really go up again in the next few years so I’m starting to think prius, as the real-world mpg seems to be around 50 for many owners.