Ford’s 2010 Lineup Focuses on Efficiency

Ford Motor Co. unveiled plans today for higher fuel efficiency across its 2010 lineup. The company said the new vehicle lineup will improve fuel economy by about 20 percent compared to 2005 levels.

“We are making fuel economy a reason to buy a Ford,” said Derrick Kuzak, group vice president, Global Product Development. The 2010 Ford lineup includes four hybrids—Ford Fusion Hybrid, Mercury Milan Hybrid, Ford Escape Hybrid, and Mercury Mariner Hybrid.

The push for fuel efficiency appears to be working as a strategy to earn new customers. According to Ford, approximately 54 percent of Fusion Hybrid buyers did not previously own Fords, and 66 percent of Fusion Hybrid owners are coming out of foreign vehicles. The Fusion and Milan hybrids, full-size sedans, have an EPA mileage rating of 41 mpg in the city.

Ford’s momentum is also based on improved quality ratings. A new survey on vehicle quality by RDA Group shows Ford with the fewest problems of any carmaker, including Toyota and Honda which usually rank on top for quality. “We’ve been tied with Toyota before, but it sure feels better to be on the top!” wrote Bennie Fowler, Ford’s global head of quality, in a memo to employees Friday.

Ford plans to continue its path toward greater efficiency by adding more hybrids, smaller engines using “EcoBoost,” and four plug-in cars. The company’s goal is to improve fuel economy by more than 35 percent by 2015 (compared to 2005 levels).

EcoBoost is Ford’s marketing term for adding turbocharging and direct fuel injection to smaller engines—as a relatively low-cost method for maintaining performance while delivering a 10 to 20 percent fuel economy improvement and 15 percent fewer CO2 emissions versus larger V-6 engines. Ford announced a new 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder EcoBoost engine to go on sale next year. By 2012, the company plans to produce 750,000 EcoBoost units annually in the US and 1.3 million globally. Ford set the goal of offering EcoBoost in 90 percent of its product lineup by 2013. For 2010, EcoBoost options will be available in the Ford Flex and Lincoln MKT.

The company is also committing to at least four new electrified vehicles on the road in the US by 2012, including a full battery electric vehicle, a plug-in hybrid, and new conventional hybrids.

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  • Charles

    Nice going on the quality rating.

    Now how about building a hybrid for me? I own a 2004 Focus station wagon. I can put two bikes in the back with enough space for two weeks of biking clothes. I get 35 MPG highway and 29 city. The car handles like a car, not a truck or SUV. It was really cheap. It has a CA PZEV pollution rating.

    The Fusion Hybrid will not hold my bikes.
    The Escape Hybrid’s MPG ratings are not good enough, or its handling.
    The price of both the Fusion and Escape Hybrids are just a bit much.

    So how about a C-Max/Mazda 5 hybrid. Take the Fusion Hybrid’s system, with a 2.0 liter ICE and get what 44 MPG city and 35 highway? You would sell as many as you could build. There is no competition in that market. A market that you could own.

  • Eric

    I am one of those people who is for the first time in my life, actually considering Ford for my next car. If we are making a wish list here, I’d like a 3-row crossover vehicle with 40+MPG and for our other car a small 4-door plug-in hybrid or all-electric commuter. Then you can have both spots in my garage Ford. We aren’t buying any car until those options exist.

  • Cosw

    Dear Ford,
    put this thing (2.0 EcoBoost) in the next Focus or Fiesta and AWD drive.

  • GR

    Awesome job, Ford. I’m also one of those people considering a Ford for my next car purchase. While it probably won’t be for couple more years, I definitely want it to be a hybrid and a preferably smaller car. I’m looking at the Honda CR-Z and the Ford Fusion as two options.

    I hope however that Ford comes out with a smaller hybrid option to compete with the CR-Z, perhaps in the Fiesta (not a fan of the current Focus).

    Hopefully the “new GM” takes a page out of your playbook.

  • Dom

    I’m glad to see Ford doing so well. I just wish they’d also offer the Fiesta with the diesel engine option here in the US (instead of just the gas engine we are supposed to be getting).

  • Anonymous

    I purchased a V-6 Convertible Mustang about a year ago as one of my last fun cars before I go green. Any chance of Ford making a hybrid convertible? I love the green aspect, but I really like that top down feel. I sold my motorcycle and the only chance to feel the wind on my scalp (hair gone long ago) is to get in my Mustang and cruise down the highway. Keep me in mind for 2012, because I may be old, but I want to be green and be young at heart.

  • Samie

    Anonymous my guess they will not offer any hybrid Mustang but will come out w/ a EV sports car b/c of the extra torque but not any time soon.

    Way to go Ford! But if I’m right there is talk around GM to bring a turbo charged engine to most of their vehicles starting w/ the Cruz, so the EcoBoost engine may not be exclusive but a strategy for all the Detroit car markers to meet new CAFE requirements. I share many of the comments already said about more hybrid options but I would also like to see a small sized diesel engine for a Ford -150, w/c many say that can’t be done but some argued that a effective turbo system couldn’t be done either.

    Quality & customer satisfaction are key in a world where domestic car makers no longer can force poor quality vehicles on the U.S. public due to manufacturing of Foreign automobiles in the South & Midwest also stronger warranty options have taken some bit out of the old cash cow of auto repairs from car dealerships. Hope Ford continues to innovate & stay up there w/ improvements to hybrids & to try to offer a full product line that is attractive to the public. Over time if Ford does this they will win back many who gave up on domestic vehicles years ago but I’m still a bit worried that this may be a trend w/ PR mostly behind it, we will see if Ford does update the Hybrid Escape, offers a smaller hybrid or mini van/station wagon in the next 1-3 yrs. Time will tell if they are thinking as a leader in the auto business or just following some dumb Detroit think tank groups strategy for the Big Three. Right now Ford is stepping up as a leader willing to lead & not follow but we will see in say 5-7 yrs from now.

  • FamilyGuy

    I like what Charles says. The Mazda5 would be very interesting to see.

  • Need2Change

    What I like about the Fusion hybrid is that it has a 0-60 time of 8.0 seconds and solid handling.

    I’d love to see the 3.5 ecoboost making 350 hp in the Ford Mustang.

  • RKRB

    -I’m with Anonymous. I’d love to see a Mazda Miata- like convertible with a hybrid engine, and it would go with our Escape hybrid. BTW the Escape has over 35,000 miles and not a single problem yet. Great job on the quality, Ford. In Europe, Ford seems to have a reputation for great driving dynamics, and it would be nice to see the same over here too.

  • Tommy

    I only buy Ford. It was really scary over the past 3-4 years wondering what the company was going to do. They answered it really early on. The answer was Alan Mulally. He came to Ford and right away secured a huge amount of money to save the company during this terrible economic downturn. He wanted to focus only on CORE brands. He sold everything except Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, and Volvo so the company could focus on these brands and be able to fund their improvements. Who cared about how much Ford invested in those companies or how much they lost when they were sold off. It was about focusing on ONE COMPANY, not 10 different ones. They share a lot of stuff with Mazda, but only own a small amount of them now. The also sold off some of Mazda to raise more cash. They promised better fuel economy of every new vehicle that would come out in production and they did it. Not only that, they have made the look, feel, and quality better on each one. Now the leader in Initial Quality! Alan Mulally is a very inteligent man that has saved Ford. Good Job ALAN!

    Last month, while the auto insustry sales averaged 30-55% in sales drops, FORD came out with only being 10% down. This was during a recession, or maybe even a depression.

    If I could offer advice to anyone shopping for an automobile, I would suggest that they test drive a FORD. I can promise you that you will not waste your time.

    The Fusion is such a neat styling car thats offers great fuek economy on the v-4 and even better on the Hybrid. 41 MPG City? Thats the official label, but Ford engineers proved that by using their driver assist program which is available on their vehicles, that you could get 70-80 MPG.

    This is only one of the many great Ford vehicles out on the market now. Ford is in the running to become #1 in everything in the years to come.

  • jimhenry

    Starting July 24 2009 consumers who would like to purchase a new car trading off their old gas guzzlers can use
    the Cash For Clunkers program voucher.


  • JaxSean

    I had heard the Edge was going to be a hybrid in 2010, but I still haven’t seen any updates on that recently…

  • Mr.Bear

    I just want someone to explain to me why Ford is claiming that both the Ford Fusion Hybrid and the Meercury Mariner Hybrid are both “the most fuel efficient midsized sedan”. Especially when both get lower mileage than the Prius and the Civic.

  • Nelson Lu

    Mr. Bear writes:

    I just want someone to explain to me why Ford is claiming that both the Ford Fusion Hybrid and the Meercury Mariner Hybrid are both “the most fuel efficient midsized sedan”. Especially when both get lower mileage than the Prius and the Civic.

    Mr. Bear, the answer is: the Prius is not a sedan and the Civic is not a midsize. (I assume you were referring to the Milan, not the Mariner as you actually wrote.) There is a reason why Ford phrased its claim as such; it would otherwise be false advertising. (I personally wouldn’t consider the Prius a midsize either, but the EPA does.)

  • Charles

    Mr. Bear:

    To add to Nelson’s comment, the Fusion’s and Milan’s city MPG does beat every car except the hatchback Prius. The non-hybrid Ford Fusion S does get the best MPG of any non-hybrid mid-size car not just sedan. The Ford Escape and Mariner Hybrid’s MPG are the best for any SUV.

  • otter

    I really like the Fusion Hybrid. The ecoboost engines seem like a good idea also. I know it’s early, but is there a web site out there for Fusion Hybrid owners that may give a heads up on any problems and/or reliability issues?

  • G-Thing

    All these comments about the ford fusion.but it isn’t rated the world most fuel sufficient car. so don’t lie!!!!!!!!!!!
    the ratings for prius are very good.
    zo whats up GM.
    what are the ratings for the fusion

  • Alex Ferda

    Someone already makes such a car – it is called the VW Jetta Sportwagon TDI

  • Ford Mustang

    I’d like to see the ecoboost concept, with maybe a twin turbo ecoboost. It would be great to see a North american sports/muscle car with the performance and the small footprint.

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