Ford Unveils Wireless Charging Pilot Program

For some people, plugging an electric car in for charging can be a pain.

You have to find a plug-in charger if you’re out and about or don’t have/can’t install one at home. You have to remember to actually plug it in when you do find a charger, and while it only takes a second, you have to remember to unplug, too.

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Well, Ford is introducing new tech that may make plugging in a thing of the past for EVs.
Smartphones and smartwatches already have wireless charging, of course, and other companies have worked on it for EVs, but Ford’s pilot program will give it a real-world test.

Wireless charging doesn’t just increase convenience by eliminating cords. It allows for a quick recharge if a driver needs a little bit of boost, and it more or less eliminates the chance of a driver forgetting to plug in after parking near a charger.

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All a driver needs to do to take advantage of this system is to pull into a parking space. The system will be tested on a pilot basis in Europe and the U.S., with drivers using an app called FordPass to locate the properly equipped parking spaces.

Increasing the ease of use/convenience of EVs could help bolster sales.

“Innovative services can be as important to customers as the electrified vehicles themselves,” Hua Thai-Tang of Ford’s electric vehicle division said, according to The Telegraph. “We are investing in solutions to help private customers as well as commercial fleet owners seamlessly incorporate these new vehicles and technologies into their lives.”

This follows on the heels of an announcement from Ford that the company plans to build more EVs and hybrids soon.

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