Ford's Latest Environmental Promise

Ford Motor Company announced yesterday that it plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its new cars by 30 percent by 2020. The company is responding to pressures from social, political, and religious groups calling for U.S. corporations to address the problem of global warming through decisive action.

The Interfaith Center of Corporate Responsibility (ICCR), which represents hundreds of religious shareholder groups and institutional investors, is playing a major role in coaxing environmental resolutions from companies in all sectors. Automotive manufacturers are at the forefront of this effort, and ICCR has made it clear that it will now push to get a similar resolution from GM at its next shareholder meeting.

Ford has a spotty track record in following through on its environmental promises. In 2003, the company threw out its five-year plan to increase fuel economy of its SUVs by 25 percent. In 2006, Ford reneged on an ambitious goal that it set in 2005, to produce 250,000 hybrids annually by the end of the decade.

2020 is a long way off, so it’s difficult to say whether the carmaker will meet its latest environmental goal. But it might not have a choice. New federal efficiency laws raise the gasoline mileage requirements of cars and trucks by 40 percent to an average 35 miles per gallon by 2020. Greenhouse gas emissions have a direct relationship to the amount of petroleum burned. Therefore, meeting new mileage standards will essentially produce Ford’s desired greenhouse gas targets.

With the federal government on one side, and activist shareholders on the other, Ford—and all other carmakers—are coming under increased pressure to reduce the environmental impact from cars and trucks.

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  • Stjopa70

    Does Ford live in another planet? In 2020 there will not be oil to burn anymore.
    Oil at 111$ is not speculation… it is the beginning of the end. Peak oil is already now.

  • VaPrius

    They are counting on no one remembering their promise.

  • David

    Umm Hello? Umm Hi, Hello? Yes My name is Earth, have we met?

    By the time 2020 rolls around we won’t be using gasoline anymore Pinheads.

  • Old Man Crowder

    Religious groups are now involved and THAT’s who Ford is listening to? Yeah…Jesus would love an Escape.

    I love the picture of Mulally. Looks like he’s got a halo! Or the Mother Ship has come to pick him up.

  • Industry Insider

    To respond to the first comment, I work for one of the “7 sisters” (if you belive me or not, i dont really care) I am here to tell you that we will never run out of O&G (at least not in your grand grand grand children’s lifetime) what we will run out of (in our lifetime) is CHEAP oil and gas.

    Time to buck up US residents, you have been unfairly spoiled and you have to stop thinking that Oil is a right when in fact it is a privlidge.

    Stop believing what media is telling you of an impending doomsday. The sky will not fall. Jut remember the media feeds off of bad/frightening news.

  • Hal Howell

    I hate to break it to you but they just found new oil fields in the the Dakotas and Montana waiting to be tapped. Actually they were known already but the technology to get at it has only recently become possible. Let’s not forget Alaska and the oil fields off our coasts. Will we drill in these new areas? We should so we can get off of foreign oil but if the idiot environmentalists and liberals have their way we will be deprived of these valuable resources. Also, forget ‘Global Warming” the new alarm is “Global Cooling”. Actually the new term is Climate Change. Well here’s a big freaking “Duh”. The climate has been changing since God created the earth and I doubt it is ever going to stop changing until He says so.
    Relax, we have plenty of oil, we just need the idiots in D.C. to have some common sense to let the publicly owned oil companies go get it.

  • Alberto Gattone

    Hate to break it to ya Hal, but the estimated 3.6 billion barrels of recoverable oil ‘discovered’ in Montana and Dakota is less than 6 months worth of U.S total consumption (at current rate of consumption). There have been no major finds in Alaska. or elesewhere in the USA since 1970.

  • bobby jean joe

    ford needs to do something and quick about gas mileage in their fleet of vehicles