Ford Presents City of Tomorrow Plan

DETROIT — Ford wants consumers to think of it as both an automotive company and a mobility company.

To that end, it used its press conference at the 2017 North American International Auto Show in Detroit to discuss its City of Tomorrow plan, among other news.

After confirming the return of the Ranger pickup and Bronco SUV to the North American markets, the company spent a few minutes on its continued development of autonomous vehicles and its pilot wireless charging program for EVs. It then rolled back into the talk about how today’s cities will look tomorrow.

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The company’s City Solutions team is working with cities across the globe, as well as Bloomberg Philanthropies, to address and potentially solve issues that face urban mobility, whether those issues are traffic gridlock or air pollution.

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“This is an issue that goes far beyond congestion. It is one that represents a massive challenge to mankind, one that affects our well-being and access to health care, clean drinking water, food, a safe place to live and even the ability to find work,” said Bill Ford, executive chairman. “By solving the mobility challenge, we have the chance to create a better world for future generations. It’s both an exciting opportunity and a big responsibility.”

That future, according to Ford, includes autonomous vehicles – Ford promises that its first fully autonomous vehicles will reach market by 2021 – ride-sharing, ride-hailing and connected vehicles. It also could include bicycles, drones and roads that are reconfigurable based on traffic needs.

Of course, that future will also involve electric vehicles. Ford expects EV offerings will outnumber the amount of gas-powered cars for sale in 15 years. Ford also has 13 electrified vehicles planned for the near future and the company foresees a long-term future in which most autonomous cars are also electrified.

That means Ford is betting on a future that involves a lot of electrified vehicles, and the Blue Oval isn’t the only automaker doing so. With a baker’s dozen of new electrified vehicles on the way, Ford’s vision of tomorrow does neatly align with its future product plans.

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