2012 Ford Fusion Hybrid

Ford hit a grand slam two years ago with the introduction of an all-new Ford Fusion Hybrid. It was awarded the North American Car of the Year prize at the 2010 Detroit auto show, named Motor Trend’s Car of the Year, was one of Car and Driver magazine’s “10 Best Cars for 2010” and was given the inaugural Hermance Vehicle Efficiency Award by the publishers of HybridCars.com.

Why did the Fusion Hybrid rack up so many awards? Because the vehicle established a new benchmark in hybrid technology. Marrying a seamless, sophisticated hybrid powertrain to the outstanding Fusion platform – positioned solidly in the middle of the mainstream market – proved to be a winning combination. It’s fun to drive and speaks of refinement all around, from handling and braking through comfort and convenience. And then there was the icing on the cake – class-leading fuel economy of 41 city/36 highway and 39 combined.

Hermance Award: Essays about Fusion Hybrid


But Ford is not resting on its laurels. An all-new 2013 Fusion Hybrid will be in dealer showrooms this fall. It not only ups the fuel economy numbers to an expected 47 city/44 highway, it is blessed with the styling of the gasoline-powered Fusion that auto critics are calling the best-looking midsize car, bar none.

Given that the 2013 Fusion Hybrid arrives later this year, there are no changes for the 2012 Fusion Hybrid.

Correcting the Bad Rap Against Hybrids

“The Toyota Prius and other hybrids are great for eco-geeks who hold fuel efficiency, low emissions and high-tech auto technology as sacrosanct – and all other car features as sacrifice. But drivers looking for a smooth, comfortable ride – with a modicum of style and performance – might as well forget hybrids.” So went the opinion of many auto journalists who historically dinged hybrids for lackluster driving characteristics, squishy brakes, and clunky transitions between gas and electric power. But that was before the Ford Fusion Hybrid, a family sedan that offers 41 mpg in the city – and more importantly, some fun and refinement behind the wheel.

USA Today emphatically stated, “The Ford Fusion Hybrid is the best gasoline-electric hybrid yet.” And Car and Driver said, “High mpg is a hybrid must, but the Fusion interpretation adds a modicum of fun-to-drive, thanks to precise steering.”

From Gas to Electric and Back

Ford engineers did a remarkable job of eliminating the flutter-rumble that many hybrids make when transitioning from gas engine to electric mode. In the Fusion Hybrid, the gasoline engine seamlessly starts up and shuts down “with only the very faintest shudder” according to Automobile magazine. USA Today goes further: “There was no – none, nada, zip – vibration or shimmying in the test car when the gasoline kicked in to help the electric. No other hybrid – not even that $112,000 Lexus – can make that claim 100 percent of the time.”

Ford Fusion Hybrid

The Fusion Hybrid – and its sibling at the time, the Mercury Milan Hybrid – were the first vehicles to use Ford’s second-generation hybrid system. Hybrid-electric vehicle systems engineer Gil Portalatin told us that the control logic for the new hybrid system provides much tighter integration of engine operation and power delivery. The new logic goes as far as to vary the engine’s valve timing, fuel delivery, and spark timing to match the power delivered through the electric motor, permitting very aggressive fuel shutdown under light loads. As a result, the Fusion Hybrid’s 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine shuts itself off twice as often as the earlier hybrid design, with the electric system providing more power. In addition, new control logic for the regenerative brakes recaptures up to 94 percent of the braking energy and feeds it to the battery.

Zesty Drive

Enthusiasm from the auto press is also extended to the Fusion Hybrid’s road manners. Car and Driver said, “While most hybrids squeeze the fun out of driving, the Fusion has nicely weighted steering, a nimble chassis, and rides in a controlled, supple manner. You can hustle the car down a back road and get a smile on your face, which is not something one can say about the Camry hybrid.” Automobile magazine wrote, “Yeah, sure, there’s some of that artificialness in steering and braking responses that afflicts all hybrids, but it’s quite benign, and the car really does go down the road quite well. Anyone who’s shopping the Toyota Prius needs to check out this car also.” Nadaguides.com commented that the Fusion Hybrid’s 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine provides plenty of power for freeway ramps, while hugging the road and offering a comfortable ride.

The combined output for the Fusion Hybrid’s engine and motor is 191 horsepower. In addition to the Hybrid, the 2012 Ford Fusion lineup offers a choice of three different engines: a 2.5-liter inline-four with 175 horsepower; a 3.0-liter flex-fuel V-6 with 240 horsepower; and a performance-tuned 3.5-liter V-6 with 263 horsepower.

Ford Fusion Hybrid

The one consistent criticism regarding the Fusion Hybrid’s drive is that Ford exaggerated with its claim that the sedan can go 47 miles per hour, and as much as two miles, in all-electric mode. That requires just the right conditions for acceleration, load, battery charge level, weather – and proper alignment of stars. Unless you exert extreme care to stretch the electric drive, you shouldn’t count on more than a few blocks at relatively low speeds.

Exterior & Interior Design

The entire line of Ford Fusions – including the base S, mid-level SE, well equipped SEL, and the Fusion Hybrid – were spruced up for the 2010 model year. Car and Driver said, “The refresh makes the Fusion sharper looking, particularly since the weird headlamps of the original have been replaced.” Reviewers said the Fusion Hybrid looks like an uplevel Fusion SE or SEL. But not everybody likes the design. Bloomberg wrote, “From the lackluster rims, which look like they’re made of plastic, to the generic sedan shape, the Fusion has no flash whatsoever.”

The interior, especially the high-tech features, gets mixed reviews, but mostly positive. Detroit News said, “The new instrument cluster looks much more sophisticated, and the dash has an easy flow. The touch points are soft, and every inch of the cabin uses high-quality materials. Car and Driver added, “Inside, the Fusion also receives a new instrument panel, redesigned seats, and more stylish trim, although the quality of some of the materials isn’t yet on par with those of the class leaders.”

Ford Fusion Hybrid

The Fusion Hybrid offers Ford’s popular Sync voice-activated digital entertainment and integrated mobile phone system. Other options include blind-spot information mounted on the outside mirror, a backup camera screen cleverly hidden in the rearview mirror, cross-traffic alerts when reversing, and real-time traffic and weather through the Sirius Travel Link satellite radio system.

MyKey, added last year, will keep parents at ease when their teen drivers are behind the wheel. It chimes continuously when seat belts aren’t buckled, gives earlier low-fuel warnings, limits radio volume to 45 percent and can sound chimes at 45, 55 and 65 mph.

Standard features include bags, belts, 110-volt outlet, six-CD stereo (instead of the typical single setup), dual-zone climate control, auto on-off headlights, and auto-dimming mirror.

The Fusion Hybrid uses a new nickel metal hydride battery with 20 percent more power, in a package that’s 30-percent smaller. That means the Fusion Hybrid sacrifices only a negligible amount of trunk space compared to the standard version – but not enough to retain rear folding seats, which are not available in the Fusion Hybrid. The Camry Hybrid manages to keep folding back seats.

Fusion Hybrid Comes With Fuel Economy Nag

The 2012 Ford Fusion Hybrid continues with Ford’s SmartGauge technology. Inspired by the Toyota Prius’ hybrid energy/consumption monitor, the SmartGauge goes further by helping the driver to learn specific techniques to achieve higher efficiency. The dashboard interface offers feedback to the driver – both visual and sound. In other words, it actually talks to you.

Ford Fusion Hybrid

The gauge cluster is comprised of dual hi-resolution LCD screens to display instantaneous mileage and fuel economy history – as well as key data including battery charge, engine output, and accessory power consumption. One animation depicts a vine of leaves that grows larger as the driver becomes more efficient over time. To prevent sensory overload, the system allows the driver to decide how much information to see, and what can be ignored. That’s critical, because many reviewers believe the fuel economy system is distracting. And others experienced “false alarms” from the cross-traffic alerts.


If you like the Fusion Hybrid’s more dynamic handling and performance, and smoother hybrid system, compared to the Camry Hybrid, then get ready to pay for it. The 2012 Fusion Hybrid, with a base MSRP of $28,700 is $2,800 more than the 2012 Camry Hybrid LE and $1,300 more than the top line XLE model. Depending on the model, the Camry gets either more or less city fuel economy than the Fusion. Hyundai’s Sonata Hybrid is also several thousands less than the Fusion Hybrid and offers a sleek exterior plus generous interior features. The Sonata Hybrid has worse fuel economy than the Fusion Hybrid in the city, but its EPA-estimated highway fuel economy rating is better than the Fusion.

For reference, Ford’s other hybrid, the Escape Hybrid SUV, is comparably priced to the Fusion at $29,865 and offers fuel economy at 34 in the city and 31 on the highway. (Ford is dropping the Escape Hybrid in March.)

A dilemma is, should you buy a 2012 Fusion Hybrid or wait for the 2013 model with its stunning looks and improved fuel economy?

If you don’t place a premium on the latest styling or technology buy the 2012 Fusion Hybrid, it will serve you well. Plus, you can save money with the expected manufacturer incentives and dealer discounts as inventories of the 2012 model are cleared out to make way for the 2013 Fusion Hybrid.

Wait for the 2013 Fusion Hybrid if you want the advances in fuel economy, high-tech gear and safety features that accompany an all-new design. Waiting will also mean the car’s styling will look current for several years and it will be worth more at resale than the outgoing 2012 model.

Prices are Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) at time of writing and do not include destination charges, taxes or licensing.

This review was originally posted when the Ford Fusion Hybrid was introduced in early 2009.


  • Outstanding fuel efficiency in the city
  • Smoother transitions from gas to electric and back
  • Ultra-cool fuel economy gauge and feedback
  • Rear seats do not fold
  • Cargo storage more limited than hatchback
  • Fuel economy gauge a bit overwhelming and cheesy

Price quote for Ford Fusion Hybrid

2012 Ford Fusion Hybrid
Base MSRP: $28,700
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  • Need2Change

    Wow. The Focus hybrid looks like a winner. I sure hope it’s priced under $30K.

    I bet the 2010 Prius and Camry Hybrid, as well as the 2010 Ford Escape Hybrid, will also experience a bump up in mpg. I’m also curious about the mpg for the Honda Insight. Hope it exceeds 50 mpg.

    We’re going to see some interesting vehicles in the next year or two.

  • Bob3423

    This is a really great car, way to go Ford! Funny they have an analog speedo, should have good all digital with the dash, would have been very high-tech.

    I hope they make enough so everyone who wants one and can afford one can get it without too much hassle.

  • Gerald Shields

    Ford has become the the Big Three Automaker that I would save if I had the power, but given the choice to bailout only one company. Of the 3, Ford seems to “get it” better.

  • Geoff

    I’ve always liked the Fusion since I first saw one. My only problem with this design is the stupid chrome bar right above the license plate, it makes it look like a cheap Chevy. Other than that, I think Ford is definitely going in the right direction. And I agree with Will that if any of the Big 3 were to be sasved, I’d vote for Ford.

  • Shines

    I drove econoboxes for years. I averaged over 35 mpg on the highway in most of them. My perspective is that I’ve made my sacrifices (in comfort, stability, quietness) driving these small and very efficient cars. I think I deserve something a little more comfortable than an Accent or other econobox. That’s why I spent less than $10k and bought a used 4 cyl Camry. It is still relatively economical – I average about 33 mpg on the highway and it is very reliable. (I am not saying the Accent is not reliable).

    The Camry is also more comfortable and most importantly for me – quieter (less road noise, less engine noise and less wind noise).

    I still say give credit where credit is due. I think Ford is doing the right thing with the hybrid Fusion.

  • John K.

    I too am disappointed Ford now says the hybrid Fusion will drive on pure electric power for only 2 miles.

    In the 29 Oct 2008 hybridcars.com posting “Ford’s New Smarter Hybrids,” was the claim that “The Fusion Hybrid and Milan Hybrid can travel as a fast as 47 miles per hour, and as far as eight miles, solely on electric power.”

    Now they only claim pure electric for 1/4th as far. While many commute 8 miles or less, far fewer commute 2 miles or less.

    Oh well, it’s a step forward and should improve once Li ion batts’ prices fall after they ramp up prdxn.

    And there’s always the EEstor ultracap we’ve been hoping for . . . .

  • Max Reid

    Great looks, Great mileage.

    I hope this wins the mass market.

    FYI : 2010 Prius will give 10 % less mileage than current Prius, since it has 10 % more power. Foolish decision on part of Toyota. When summer comes, gas prices will top $3 again and if the economy recovers, it may top $4.

    People want more mileage. But Ford should also launch a Hybrid / Wagon / CUV version of these vehicles and those designs offer more space compared to sedan.

  • Need2Change

    I’ve rented Hundai Accents. Sorry, not for me.

    I think it’s remarkable that the Escape can go 2 miles in EV mode. I understand that the Prius can’t go 1 mile and only then at half the speed. To get increased distance, one mainly needs a larger, more expensive battery. I wonder how Ford gets 2 miles. I doubt their battery is twice the size of the Prius.

    In my opinion, if the U.S. auto industry dies, the balance of trade will become more imbalanced, the U.S. dollar would continue to lose value–not to mention the millions of unemployed in the U.S. A bailout is the lessor of two evils, but I’m in favor of a lot of attached strings.

    Gasoline will rise again, but it will be years before the price of oil significantly increases. This economic downturn will last several more years. However, i expect, and support, a significant Federal tax added to gasoline and diesel. I support a $1 increase ASAP.

  • Mark T

    Being a owner of a 2005 Escape Hybrid, I hope that Ford has worked out a way for the AC and Defroster to work when the Gas Engine has shutdown. Toyota has this feature.

    I am excited that Ford is stepping into the Sedan arena. I would consider purchasing this vehicle.

  • Bill Cosworth

    really cant stand Toyota Cars. I fell they are cheap, poorly built and unsafe.

    Its so funny a ford now is so much better than a Toyota all you anti American Toyota people are scrambling to find an excuse to find any reason to bash this car.

    Maybe its time to admit that Ford builds a much better hybrid that Toyota.

    Oops they do. Sorry Toyota Cannery drives your car is inferior.

    Now that Fords Quality is better than Toyota,

    Both Consumer reports and JD rate fusion better than Camery.

    So again we have a quality American product.

    Again I have owned Toyota vehicles and I was not impressed they cost just as much to keep running as my ford and GM vehicles .

    In fact my 1999 camery was a Piece of junk. It need so many new parts I gave it to my neighbor who was a mechanic.

  • steved28

    I have an Altima hybrid, same class as the Camry and Fusion, actually the same driveline as the Camry except for the ICE. I’m drooling over this car (Fusion). It has achieved significant strides over my car. I would love to have 2 mile EV range and 47mph EV. Bash all you want, this will be the clear leader in it’s class if it is sold in 09.

    And those who follow the various hybrid sites know that the Escape hybrid has a tremendous rating among it’s owners. The biggest problem is that Ford is not making enough of them (and thus, dealers demanding a premium for them). But the vehicle itself is built and engineered as well (I believe better) than the Toyota. The A/C is now electric BTW were as it was originally run off the ICE, for the poster who was asking about this.

  • Frank Nicroneni

    I read that a lot of components are limited by the Japanese to ensure the profits of there own country.

    You know that’s why I am learning about buying foreign cars. The Japanese exercise no trade rules. We have a 600B trade deficit and they never allow us to sell anything in there country. Its like they want to drain all our money.

    They have parts suppliers that provide parts for the escape hybrid that will supply parts to the Japanese first and then limit the amount of parts they provide to ford.

    Ford was upset about this and when they developed this car they found some domestic suppliers for batteries and other components I believe.

  • Zack

    I own a Lexus and its the same as the Camery.

    My father owns a RX400 suv and its the same as the Camery too.

    Toyota rebadges cars all over the place..

    Also My fater is allways getting mad at Lexus in San Deigo because he spent 2k right after the warrenty expired on the car and it started to rust.

    Its so werid it rusted in CA and now the antilock sensor on the right wheel is failing and they want to peform normal maintance in the tune of 1500….

    I think toyota deallers make people think its normal maintance but really its replacing components that have failed. I told dad thoese prices are not normal for maintance.

    I have a friend with a old ford focus wth 200k with no problems.

    So I agree that Asian car love is just a movement not fact.

  • RKRB

    -Good show Ford! Excellent design and engineering. Now, if only the UAW can come through on the build quality …

    -We have a 2006 Escape Hybrid with 30,000 miles without a single repair. We are impressed with its capabilities and think Ford has a winner with this drivetrain.

    -It would be wonderful if Ford could bring over the European Fusion, and match its chassis with the Detroit-designed hybrid system. Hang in there, Ford!

  • rwcole

    I don’t really care what’s in the black box under the hood. I want a car that I fit into with my stuff and that gets at least 40 mpg- at very little incremental cost- and that I can drive for at least ten years…

    $20,000 is about the limit.

    I can get a good car for $16,000 or so- so I’m not willing to pay more than $4,000 for the extra mileage….

    I don’t care if the thing runs on peanut butter or can go fifty miles on electricity alone….I’m not paying $50,000 on a car designed to save me money.

  • AP

    rwcole, I agree.

    The way we are approaching reducing fuel consumption (with $1.80 gas and hybrids) is to save money on gas – no matter how much it costs us (in technology and subsidies).

  • Daniel O

    I think that ford is stepping up to the plate but is still taking baby steps towards the right direction. ford escape hybrid building 25,000 only and the same with the new ford fusion hybrid 25,000. They should take one more baby step and make 50,000 of the suv and sedan. As for toyota and honda i still love them for having the only hybrid cars that have 40+ mpg on the city and highway and are priced at around 22,000 msrp of course. No otheir company has done that and honda and toyota have had reliable cars for 30+ years. I never heard of anyone that on know that has any type of problems with there toyota or honda. In fact all i hear is how much they love there cars and how reliable they are that is a fact!

    Don’t forget ” FORD” stands for ” Fix Or Repair Daily ” but i think the new ford hybrid cars are much reliable now so time will tell.

  • Larry King

    >Don’t forget ” FORD” stands for ” Fix Or Repair Daily ” but i think >the new ford hybrid cars are much reliable now so time will tell.
    I thought it meant “Found On Road Dead”.

  • KG

    All this talk about reliability! I’ve owned two Toyotas and the second one, a 1998 Corolla which I still have, needed part of the transmission replaced at 70K miles (about $1.5K job) and is having problems again at 100K. Very boring ride and awful handling by the way! I’ve also owned a Honda S2000 (very fun car!) and a VW Jetta TDI which had several problems (about $2K in repairs so far). A few months ago I bought a 2008 Ford Focus for my wife and that’s the funnest car (aside from the S2000) from them all! Great handling, 34-35 mpg (comparable to the Corolla), much better features that the Corolla for a better price. I bought it as a cheap option, but I didn’t think I would like that car as much as I do! Of course, time will show how reliable it is, but it seems that Ford has made great strides in their reliability ratings so I’m being optimistic. Hopefully, GM and Chrysler can do the same.

  • JP Morgan

    The EPA officially rated the Fusion on Monday at 41 city, 36 highway. A colleague of mine drives a 2007 Ford Fusion and he averages about 32 MPG highway, 27 city which are both very close to the current Toyota Camry Hybrid figures.

    Ford has really come a long way and now produces vehicles that are better than Toyota and Honda. I am glad I invested in Ford.

  • richard cohen

    how about a hybrid fusion wagon…i know i’m dreaming but i’d love to see a small to midsize wagon hybrid. we don’t like suv’s but do like to be able to haul some people and some stuff around…

    on the fusion hybrid, it sure looks like a nice job done by ford. i hope they are able to make enough of them and that they are as good on the road as on paper..

  • JonPeter

    As an engineer who has worked on hybrid electric storage and propulsion systems for non-automotive applications, I understand there is far more to running a vehicle on electric power than just discharging the battery to promote range under electric power.

    Battery life is affected by depth of discharge, charge/discharge rate, operating temperature, etc. Discharging even modern NiMH batteries below 50% will shorten life, you want to cycle the battery between about 60-80% to promote good service life while staying below 80% in order to absorb additional energy which happen and preserve power electronics.

    To a lay person 2 miles on 100% electric power may not seem like much, but to someone who works in the field, this is fantastic for a small storage system primarily designed to cyclically recover and release kinetic energy, thereby reducing fuel consumption by up to 30%.

    There aren’t any production hybrids that can compete with this, and to add more batteries to existing systems would add both weight and considerable cost, well beyond the $27K or so price of the hybrid Fusion.

    There will always be whiners and naysayers. Generally these people contribute very little to technological advances, but feel free to whine and complain when things aren’t perfect. Meanwhile the 10% of us or so forge ahead making new ideas a reality.

    10 years from now, the average person will be glad that Ford, even during difficult times, along with Toyota, Honda, Nissan and to a lesser extent GM has invested in trying to make larger vehicles more fuel efficient.

    There is more here than is obvious at first glance. Consider that both the Fusion and Altima hybrids may become the basis for hybrid taxis in the near future. Being able to shut down will stopped, then to run short distances on electric power will help reduce urban pollution considerably.

    Try that with your Accent or similar econobox and you’d get laughed out of town.

  • Burgy

    OK, I skipped over a LOT of these posts because there was just so much there, so maybe I’m duplicating someone else’s thoughts, but here’s my perspective:

    I live in MN and my wife & I both have been following the hybrid market for some time. Last year we got married, bought a new house, and generally spent a bunch of money, so we haven’t entered the market yet. I drive a 2005 SUV and she drives a 2004 SUV (we both had them before we got too serious). We want to replace hers this year, and we certainly don’t need a 2nd SUV anymore, so we’re eyeing the hybrid car market pretty closely. Since we live in MN, we get a fair amount of bad weather too. So the Fusion hybrid appeals to us for several reasons:

    1) Better gas mileage than the Camry, and significantly better than the Malibu.

    2) We don’t feel like we have to sacrifice too much on space and driving like we might with a Prius or a Civic, or the reintroduced Insight. We want to find a balance between responsibility and comfort, and this looks like it might be a good fit.

    3) To my knowledge, this is the only hybrid sedan to date with the option for AWD, which we feel is important given our climate. This is doubly important as we plan children in the near future.

    I frequently see comments from the diehard hybrid fans lamenting the lack of mass market appeal of some of the vehicles. As far as I’m concerned, this vehicle address just about all of my concerns for a hybrid, and I’d say that there’s a better than 50/50 chance this will be our next vehicle. Hybrids like this, in my opinion, are what will eventually bring the masses to the market, because I have to think there are a lot of people like us out there, who want a hybrid but also want it to fit into the realities of our life. So in that context, I would think every hybrid fan should be happy about the Fusion.

  • Skip5678

    “Maybe its time to admit that Ford builds a much better hybrid that Toyota.”

    The Ford product costs $5000 more than a Prius and gets poorer fuel economy. What is better about that??

    My friend’s Toyota pickup has been driven 200,000 miles. What a piece of ‘junk’!

  • David

    Finally, there is a good American hybrid! Now only if Ford would get Microsoft out of our cars.

  • Roland

    I traded in my 2004 Ford F150 last week for a 2010 Fusion last week. The truck was a stellar truck with an abysmal 13MPG. I just drove from Northern VA to Gettysburg PA in the new Fusion and got 200 miles to a quarter tank of gas! That was driving I-95 to 270 to 15. Hardly any surface street in the whole trip. I am almost to 400 miles now at a half tank of gas. I have never been so excited about a car with this kind of MPG, accessories and looks GREAT, unlike the jelly bean shaped souless Prius. If you stripped down a Fusion to the bare essentials like a Prius, it would get the same mileage and look way cooler!

  • Chuck

    We’ve had our Fusion Hybrid 3 weeks and are really pleased. The handling is nice. And so is the interior finish. At 6’4″ I was concerned about headroom with a moonroof, but it’s been roomy enough. We got ‘bells and whistles’ and they all work as advertized. Cell phone Sync’d – and Nav unit got us there, though it’s a pity that the NAV unit doesn’t have the whole USA in it – but I’m sure there is software available for that.
    The backup camera is really handy and the alerting system saved my quarterpanels when someone was speeding by as I was leaving a parking slot.
    I thought that perhaps the climate control would affect the fuel efficiency. We’re using AC continuously in Houston and (as a techno-nerd) I thought that I should be driving with it off – – soooo wrong! I sit absolutely guilt-free at stop lights with AC functional and the internal combustion engine off – life is good.

    There does seem to be some cycling of the charging system at about 45 or 50 mph steady state speed – this can be a little annoying but it doesn’t seem to happen often…
    I’m still on my second tank of fuel so experience is limited – but my record high is 50.6 MPG – the record low is 14.6 MPG. My son and I had some – ah – quick accelerations (i.e. punched it). It’s not a Mustang GT, but it did ok – and still got 24 MPG.
    Overall MPG is is about 37 – pretty much as advertized.

  • Joe

    I’ve had my Ford Fusion (’10) for 3 or 4 weeks now and it is amazing. A true turn around from old misconceptions of American cars. Ford finally nailed it – great look, great handling, almost 200hp and I get better mpg’s than the EPA rated 36/41. Using the on mpg indicators – I keep it around 40 on the highway, usually averaging 40-45mpg’s.

    I got all the bells and whistles, but no Navigation – but thats ok! Because the MS Sync has an update that now gives you turn by turn just by talking to it (and it works nicely).

    I see this as the American hybrid – no goofy look, good warranty (even better if you extend it like I did), and great mpg’s – as well as all the extras (heated leather, sony 12 speaker surround, moon roof). All this without sacrificing the feeling of driving a real car (unlike most hybrids).

    Feels more like a luxury car. Well worth it.

  • allen

    i drive a a 98 lincoln towncar and average 26 without a chip and 32 with the chip installed on a trip
    around town without the chip installed 17mpg with the chip installed 22 mpg
    why would i trade for somthing that rides harsh doesnt have enough power and luxury for 10 mpg.
    the manufacturs have been able for years able to break the 30+ MPG barrier, i had a studibaker theat did over 30 all the time in the 50’s. dont get me wrong we need change but the changes were withheld for a reason, probably to fuel the oil industry.
    i am in the middle of a 3500 mile trip and i averaged 29 in the rockies, and no complaints
    for me the Hibrid cars will have to grow up more before i will consider a purchase
    at this point i feel the Prius is the front runner

  • sam f

    The Fusion should be applauded, and I’m an import disciple for the most part. I do own a Chevy diesel truck (work vehicle) that routinely gets 25 mpg highway, which is amazing for a 7200# truck, and a gas-powered Maxima V6 that gets 30mpg highway. I am considering a hybrid car to replace the Maxima when the time comes. In my opinion, the two technologies are not competing, but complimentary. Both have a place. You can’t haul a cube of bricks down the interstate with a hybrid and a diesel isn’t well suited to short-haul city commuter driving.

    The secret to the Fusion’s (and Ford’s) success is that it is truly an international car company. Unlike GM, Ford has fully brought together it’s Japanese, European, and American arms in sharing technology and platforms. I would own a Fusion. GM on the other hand is trying to shed Opel/Vauxhall and has never succeeded in merging it’s various international divisions, and Chrysler? … not a clue, even with FIAT.

  • Margaret Ross

    I bought a 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid. But I want that Ford Fusion Hybrid like I want chocolate. The price is a bit of a put off, however. I wonder if the 2011 Fusion Hybrid will bring great mpg’s.

  • Anonymous

    Right now I don’t know what kind of car is realy American. The Ford Fusion hybrid is made in Mexico, but looks like a nice car with good mpg. The Chevy Malibu hybrid is made in USA, but has very poor mpg for a hybrid. On the other hand, the Toyota camery hybrid is made in usa with decent mpg, but Toyota is Japanesse owned. Which one would you buy an American car made in Mexico, an american car made in usa with poor mpg, or a Japanesse car made in Usa?

  • Jose C. Amram

    Although hybrid electric is as great idea, it seems to me a waste money on technology that is marginally better than a total internal combustion engine. Case in point, I (still) drive a 1998 4 cyl 5 speed FORD Ranger, and before gasoline was diluted with ethanol (a corn-derived alcohol in the US, probably one of the worst things the govt has proposed to the oil industry), I could get 30mpg on the highway; now with 10% ethanol mileage has dropped to about 25mpg. The added cost of a hybrid, as well as the battery and other costly maintenance does not seem worth the price, unless efficiency is above 50mpg, something that I believe is achievable with diesel and diesel electric hybrids. Until such a time as those vehicles are available, I will drive my Ford Ranger and my Buell XB12ss (circa 55mpg).

  • Ken Kolk

    We bought a Ford Fusion Hybrid in September. The parts are made in the US and Canada and is assembled in Mexico (all parts of NAFTA and in my book thus “domestic”). We have had absolutely no problems with this car. The gas mileage is superior. During the fall when the temperatures were above freezing I get 40+ mpg driving between 65 and 70 mph. Now that it is in the upper teens I get around 32 mpg on the first drive of the day (under 10 miles) but then after the engine and passenger compartment are warmed up the mileage goes up to 37-8 mpg. The car is called a “mid-sized” but has nearly as much internal room as did my old “full-sized” Ford 500. Since 2000 I have found the Fords I have owned to be of better quality and more trouble free than the two Toyotas and the Honda that I owned. The only issue that the 500 had was a recall on the brakes (from an outside supplier) which Ford completely replace (front and rear – rotors and all) for free and gave me a ‘loaner” while the 500 was in the shop. There have been absolutely no problems with the Fusion Hybrid so far. The hybrid power train is fully covered for 300K so I have no worries about it as I rarely keep a vehicle beyond 100K.

    Real experience is showing that Ford builds some of the highest quality cars made, makes them in the US, and keeps the profit in the US. Ford and its suppliers pay their workers a fair wage and provide good benefits. These workers are here in the US and our Canadian and Mexican neighbors, not in some sweatshop in Asia! It is time for Americans to purchase North American made goods from North American companies to keep these jobs in the US and the members of NAFTA! Once the government gets its money out of Chrysler (if it survives) it will be an Italian company and given its record for quality I wouldn’t suggest that we consider it anything but a “foreign” auto maker.

  • Rich Kayden

    You argument is severely flawed. How is a car that is made in Mexico more domestic than a car made in Japan? Made in Mexico is not made in the USA. Many Japanese companies actually have US assembly plants. Toyota actually has a plant 4 miles down the road from me and employs 30% of the people that lives in my town. I prefer cars to have parts manufactured in the US and be assembled in the US as well. The manufacturing of parts is way more automated than the assembly of cars thus requires much less labor. So essentially for the Ford Fusion that you bought most of the automated processes occurred in the US while most of the labor(which employs the most people) occurred in Mexico. I much rather buy a Toyota manufactured in the US than a Ford manufactured in Mexico.

    And sweatshops? Are you thinking of Malaysia or Indonesia? There are no sweatshops in Japan. Let me remind you that Japan is the #2 economy in the world and the average household income is comparable to the US and MUCH MUCH higher than Mexico. Having been to both countries I can tell you that Mexico is very much a low-waged and developing country while Japan has a very technologically advanced and wealthy society. Before med school one of my goals was to teach English abroad for 2 years and the offer I received from a school in Tokyo paid 43,000 US dollars annually while Mexico and Costa Rica opportunities offered $4000 and $1200, respectively. I’m only bringing this up because Ford is paying much less for workers in Mexico than Toyota and Honda are paying their workers in Japan. They are just more efficient companies and have the management to squeeze out more profit from the cars they sell.

    The best scenario is to have parts made in US, cars assembled in the US, and profit flowing to the US. But I’m not sure a Ford assembled in Chihuahua, Mexico is a better situation than a Toyota assembled in Alabama.

  • alancamp

    Great Job Ford!!

    If you haven’t seen it yet, the 2012 Focus if HOT! It’s on the Ford website now. It’s much better than the test car from the Jay Leno show. And it’s coming in Full EV!

    They finally realized that there is no need to design special cars for each country…’humans’ are looking for style, technology, quality and fuel efficiency no matter where they are on the planet.

  • Mr.Bear

    I wonder what the mileage difference is between the straight-4 and either of the V6s and which tge 41/36mpg represents.

  • Vcorcl

    This will be my next car. I’m saving $$ for it. 🙂

  • John K.

    If Ford wants to be aggressive, they’d offer a station wagon version of the hybrid Fusion. No one makes a hybrid station wagon. I’m sure that would steal sales from small SUVs/station wagons from other manufacturers.

  • nascar

    how about you put a 572 big block chevey in one of these! 720hp, and it would sound alto better too!!!!

  • Neal

    Ford- make a Fusion wagon!!
    I’ll take a hybrid or even better, a 4 cylinder 5-speed version!

  • Joe

    Ok you a Toyota owner/fan, we get it, but how long have you been drinking Toyota flavored kool-aid?
    It’s ok to like and believe in Toyota, I just cannot understand why Toyota owners try so hard to convince everyone else that Toyota is so great? Toyota has replaced GM and now is the monolith of car manufacturing with all the problems associated with (Toyota Oh What a feeling)

  • Bill

    It is now 1 month since my 2010 Fusion Hybrid arrived and 1700 miles later I still have a big smile on my face when I drive it. It definately deserves the car of the year award. Prior to purchase my wife and I drove the Honda Insight and Civic as well as the Prius and hands down we both loved the Fusion. It handled much better than the other vehicles as well as had more room. We are using it as a primary car for our family and the kids have plenty of room in the back. The transitions from electic to gas ais seemless. The Sync system is very nice and takes a while to learn as I haven’t mastered it as of yet. The car also looks really sporty and my wife even walked to the same color BMW 3 series by mistake in the parking lot a few weeks ago. Great job Ford!

  • USa

    Dont be such a pompous, arrogant ASS Bill. You give all us americans a bad name with your stupid fake patriotism. Both Ford and Toyota have their rubbish cars as well as good ones. DEAL WITH IT.


    MADE IN JAPAN, the land of the rising sun.

    I was trolling new car dealers today and I was astounded to long rows of new 2010 Priuses lined up at several dealers, stickers in the windows indicating 100% origin in Japan, that means labor, parts, assembly the whole thing. I had been under the impression that Toyota had moved essentially all operations to this country, to look as “domestic” as possible and to protect itself from currency fluctuations. So what is this, is this a new thing for Toyota that has not been noticed yet. It should be noted that all these stickers can be removed once it has been sold to the consumer and lots of people might not even notice the difference.

  • Lou the Beagler

    my wife & I traded a Hyundai Azera for a car of the future, Fusion Hybrid. Although she has not driven it yet & I have. I feel that it is the BEST vehicle out there. My average mpg so far is 35-38 city & have gotten 53 on the highway when using cruize control at 55mph. The Azera got 18-19 city & 29 highway. I love all the extra things ( which I paid for ) including nav, bluetooth, jukebox ( 10 gigbytes memory ) all are voice activated, sirius radio & traffic in real time. This car has changed the way that I now drive. I enjoy watching the gauge climbing to 60 plus mpg on level stretches.

  • Allie

    what is that made out of?

  • AndyB

    I concur with Joe. I just bought one two days ago. it’s AWESOME!

  • Anonymous

    i go to jobcorps and we have this car ti work on! its brand new but we have 1 problem as a team! we cant figure how to get the rear seat down so we can learn about the battery thats behind it! does anyone know how?

  • Matt in Dallas

    Can someone explain why it matters how far the car will go in electric mode. Doesn’t the overall fuel economy mean everything? Someone mentioned the AC may not function in electric mode. I couldn’t live without excellent maximum AC performance and a premium sound system.

    I’ve been thinking about trading in my beloved Accord for a new Accord. I am glad I saw this article before I made that mistake.

  • DonfromPa

    I have a GMC 2002 truck with over 200,000 miles and it runs like a new truck! Also no rust on it at all! I have a cousin & a friend who have Chevy trucks with over 200,000 miles also. Keep buying foreign cars and sending your money over sea’s! I’ll buy American and support American workers!

  • J

    AC does working in EV mode quite well. However, it does drain the battery, and you pay for that in gas mileage eventually.

  • jaqes

    The new Fusion Hybrid comes with high quality cabin features, the ergonomic settings in the car makes it a more comfortable ride. The optional features included in the package are leather upholstery having heated front seats. Other options included are navigation system with voice activation, 10GB digital music storage, Sirius travel link, etc.

  • napaguy

    Is it just me, or now that there are no tax credits and since Ford offers no rebate on the hybrids, they are really expensive. We’re looking at buying a Fusion and an Escape Hybrid, but when you look at how long it will take to offset the extra pricing (5 – 7 years) through gas savings, it’s crazy. And if we don’t do the Hybrid route, we probably won’t buy a ford because that’s how I talked my wife into getting Fords and buying US…trying to do the “right” thing, but…

  • J

    Something wrong about getting leather seats in a hybrid eco car…the cloth option uses 80% recycled materials. That’s the way I decided to go. Really love the car so far. (3 weeks).

  • Thomas Bess

    I own, and love, this car…

  • Linda T

    Bill, in response to your comment, “Its so funny a ford now is so much better than a Toyota all you anti American Toyota people are scrambling to find an excuse to find any reason to bash this car.” How do you feel about the fact that the Ford Fusion is built in Mexico?”

  • ulisse di bartolomei

    Speaking about the Fiat hybrids, the technology double clutch with electric motor between has been stolen by a patent that Fiat Company has never wanted to purchase, but only shamelessly to copy. I invite to visit my blog where her “vitality” of the Fiat planners it appears in all of evidence:

    Whoever appreciates an honest industrial ethics in defence of intellectual ownership should spread out the history reported in my blog. If the industries can afford unpunished to copy the ideas and defending it need very expensive legal action, to which target need the patents? How our young people can find intellectual courage if the economic potentates crush the rights of the single ones?
    whoever has a good idea on as I could act for defending my rights I beg him to leave a comment in my blog. Thanks and good time to everybody.

    Ulisse Di Bartolomei

  • wingman 101

    i just love hybrid cars there the best

  • Mari Johnson

    The Ford Fusion Hybrid does look great and drives nice. However, with all the technology that makes it a desirable car…. well there are many problems as well. I bought a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid and experienceing problems with it and now I am stuck. The first problem: I keep on getting a message that tells me that the blind spot is disabled and to check the owner’s manual. I have taken it to the dealer a couple of times. The last time they were honest enough to tell me that there is nothing they can do about it because they are not able to find any problems nor replicate with ramdom messages I get. This error message pops up under any weather condition and the blind spot light stays lit unti I turn off the car and turn it back on. Now, the newest thing is that my phone gets picked up when I turn on the car (which is what is supposed to do) but about 3 mins later, the phone gets disconnected…. which is not supposed to happen. I am fully aware that these problems do not keep me from moving from point A to point B but it bothers to know that I have a defective new vehicle and not much help available at this point.
    I am very frustrated with this car and Ford for that matter since this is the 2nd brand new Ford I buy and yes…. problems with both. There would not be a 3rd Ford….. that’s for sure.

    Anyone else has had any issues similar to these?

  • Jose Carlos

    My father leased an ’09 Honda Insight, it gets over 40 mpg in the city and a little less on the highway,
    and it is very noisy in terms of its driving or rolling noise. The front windshield is very streamlined, making it difficult to enter the front seats. All in all, I would pass on this car and get the Ford.

  • Paul G. Hoffman

    I’m sure the new Ford Fusion hybrid is as brilliant as written about
    here. I’m in the mariet for a new car, yet it breaks my heart that
    Ford couild not offer fold down rear seats for the Fusion hybrid.
    This would offer better space utilization for those of us dependung
    on the Fuision hybrid is their only car. Help.

  • Schnickenbacher

    Looks a lot better than the ugly Prius and most likely safer body structure, too. (Have you ever looked at just how thin the door and door frame are on the flat shaped Prius). As a structural engineer the Prius looks like a death trap. Visually and likely structurally, too, the Ford looks way better.

  • Ricks

    We have the 2011 and love it. It drives great and my wife is getting over 45 mpg to and from work.

  • Amanda

    Excellent car model maintained by automakers. This is the new Ford Fusion hybrid. Automaker give excellent work to the car. Nice blog.

    Rvs For Sale

  • GeorgeIII

    Really like my Fusion hybrid far more than anticiapted. Looks good and handles well for a front drive car. First tank of gas averaged 40.2mpg and the seccond 41.5 mpg. I use the display that shows the tach and when starting out, keep it at 2000 rpm to achieve the numbers. At that rpm it accelerates moderately without getting people behind PO’d. Getting the engine warmed up is required to get good mpg as a 3-4 mile commute will have mileage suffer. My car has everything but the premium sound/navagation. For the money, i can get a gps for 100 with lifetime updates. Got a 2010 end of year with 2k rebate/discount. The care gets good mileag if you anticipate more when comming to stop lights by lifting off the throttle so that it can also charge the battery. The gas saved is how much the battery helps get up to speed and if nobody is behind and you can keep it in the green ev mode you will be surprised. Don’t accelerate fast and the mileage will exceed the EPA numbers. I expect it will improve after it is broken in. BTW i have had it accelerate to 47 mph on battery alone numerous times, however if you set cruise at 30 in town, it will stay in electric mode far longer. It takes extra energy to to go 47 mph over 30 in part to overcome wind resistance, just like riding a bicycle.

  • mike s

    I own one and its not really an analog spedo. It just looks like one One you turn the key on the needle goes from zero to the very top then back down to zero again. If must be totally electronically controlled.

  • BigDsaver

    Leather seats are recycled. Fact: Cows will be killed for food. You might as well have use the leather for your comfort.

  • PHamill AZ

    I have a 2008 Ford Escape. I can tell you first hand that the new Hybrid system dose not shut down and that they put a special button in for Econ mode.

  • Anonymous


  • Joe American

    Buy American you traitor

  • OTTO


  • gdoc63

    I’ve had my 2010 Fusion Hybrid since December 2009.

    I’m getting a long term average MPG of 40.0 now after about 25,000 miles.

    My daily commute is 41 miles each way. Of which about 11 Miles is below HWY speeds and 30 miles is at 65-70MPH.
    My best morning MPG with the lights on is about 41MPG, my best afternoon MPG is 46.9MPG.

    With the exception of my 3 mile commute to my local grocery at 30MPH where I’ve gotten from 70-99.9MPH I don’t really try to feather that much. What I do do is:

    I don’t jackrabbit my starts. It’s suprising the difference in performace as well as milage when you provide a steady increase in force on the accellerator vs. flooring it. When you floor it there is a lag effect not unlike that with a turbo or a blower, where the RPMs go way up and THEN accelleration kicks in.
    A steady increase in accelleration allows the electric and gas power to stay more in sync and actually provides better overall accelleration as well as fuel economy.

    As soon as I get to speed I set the cruise control. Letting the vehicle manage the best way to maintain speed seems to increase the efficiency a great deal. I can still pass; I can go from 65-75/80 easily in passing a single car if necessary.

    I keep my Accessory usage to a minimum, including AC. I am almost always listening to the radio, but when I listen to my latest Ozzy CD at max volume I loose about 1-3 MPG! Keeping the AC/Heater off with the moonroof in vent mode also seems to give me a boost in MPG. During the summer time in Florida this is not an option so my MPG suffers, to the tune of 38-39 averaged MPG.

    Additionally, this is a nice riding vehicle. I’ve run it with and without the traction control on. Much more fun with it off… 🙂
    I can also say that I recently exceeded 95 MPH and the ride and handling are still very good.

    Now is it the same as my ’99 Toyota Solara V6 SLE with Kazuma TRD upgrades? Not a chance, but then I was getting around 20MPG round trip.

  • derek mireles


  • Yanush Dinura

    i love hybrids

  • John M

    From a driver’s point of view, Ford did the right thing with the analog speedo. When driving in intense conditions, you don’t want to worry about the fact that the human bring takes longer to read and interpret the digits meaning. Your bring reacts much faster with the visual of the analog needle without any need to see the numbers.

  • Rayson

    Ford Fusion hybrid is an nice vehicle. It has the body design just like the mini SUV. It has superb built quality but the vehicle could not gain market here. The hybrid version is an cool concept and I am sure it will rock..


  • Julie Watson

    Ford Fusion Hybrid seems to be amazing and one of the coolest model produced by Ford. Best car in 2010 in Detroit show is really a nice achievement and superb start for this car.

    Honda Civic Review

  • Simson

    Hybrid cars are the future of the vehicles. The 2011 Toyota Camry Hybrid is my favorite car and it ranks twelth out of eighteen Affordable classic and middle size Cars. thanks for sharing with us!!!
    Cars For Sale

  • hybrid cars

    That actually looks good. I rented one and it drives smooth handling is great and has comfortable seating the lcd guages, I want to get one this summer

  • Tankfixer

    What I would love to see is a vehicle like the Ford Freestar/Windstar with a hybrid drive train.
    Give me something with 7 seats and some cargo capacity and I’d be in the market.

  • Pete

    The Ford Fusion is really a Prius in a sedan’s suit: It uses the same hybrid transmission as the Prius (both are sourced from Aisin, part-owned by Toyota), and uses a Sanyo nickel-hydride battery. Both Aisin and Sanyo have experienced plant shutdowns due to the nearby earthquake and tsunami, so Fusions may become scarce along with Priuses.



  • Pete

    The Ford Fusion is really a Prius in a sedan’s suit: It uses the same hybrid transmission as the Prius (both are sourced from Aisin, part-owned by Toyota), and uses a Sanyo nickel-hydride battery. Both Aisin and Sanyo have experienced plant shutdowns due to the nearby earthquake and tsunami, so Fusions may become scarce along with Priuses.



  • Captain Competition

    I really hope Ford decides to market this car harder than anything else they sell. This could be the beginning of some real American competition in the hybrid market.

    I have to say I doubt it will be, though. I don’t have a lot of faith in this company… but I’m willing to be surprised!

  • blomesoft

    Let me tell you this Hybrid thing is for the birds……We just bought one of the Ford Fusion Hybrids total cost at the car dealer was $31,926.66 add to that the ELECTRICIAN WE HAD TO COME IN A INSTALL THE SPECIAL 220V CHARGER COST US ANOTHER $4625. Than after getting our first Light bill with this new wonder installed came to $289 (round figure).
    True we have saved ourselves well over $400 so far for the first month of service but I supposed depending on your driving habits it could cost your more or it could cost you less.
    Either way this is NOT going to work because the next person getting this car when I trade it in will have to go through the same thing.

  • primarycase

    I gave up my Lexus GS and “stepped down” to a Fusion Hybrid. This car is the most fun and I no longer care to drive our BMW (which I plan to dump for a Lincoln Hybrid by next year).

    This is not only the first American car I’ve owned in 30 years, it is the first Ford I have ever owned.

    After researching this Fusion, along with all other competitive products that were either available or close to becoming available, I was convinced that Ford had really done their homework and I was right. There is nothing I can find (and I have really, really, really tried) that I would suggest they add to this car!

    First…the white “tricoat paint” I paid for looks magnificent…every day. The light colored leather seats are also nice. The Sync system only took me about 45 days to master (!) and that’s with 25 years of background in the consumer electronics industry! I love it more every day.

    About the mileage…I think Ford understated the MPG. With a little bit of practice, I am able to consistently get in excess of the 41 MPG they quote. It did take a little getting used to, but it is fun seeing whether I can get the mileage over 44 and keep it there for a tankful of gas. And how did all this start?

    I noticed on a recent trip down the Florida Turnpike that my mileage increased dramatically if I was able to slow down at bit. You are almost compelled to drive at the speed limit to avoid being rear ended, but I also noticed that the Fusion display displayed significantly better mileage whenever I was able to slow down. So…

    I tested a reduced speed plan for the rest of the trip, with the following result: At 55 mph, I got 44 miles per gallon. At 70, I got 37miles per gallon.

    I felt compelled to give someone a suggestion that we reduce all the speed limits to 55 (again), and wrote to the Washington Post: I’m sure someone at the Washington Post can do the math better than I can, but don’t stop there… Just think about the revenue from the speeders. Win. Win! We get reduced gas usage if all the Federal Highway speed limits are reduced to 55mph AND more revenue for the State treasuries at the same time. What a deal AND the President might actually get it through Congress in less than a week because I think any Congressman or Senator would have difficult voting against this (but I’d love to see who would).

    By the way, it took me about 15 minutes longer to reach my destination and cost about $2.50 less. Some sacrifice, huh?

  • Thomasville Flooring

    The Focus hybrid looks like a dream.
    My neighbour has one… I believe!
    I’d love that one in my garage =D

  • Angela

    I absolutely love my Ford Fusion Hybrid 2010. Love the way it handles; love the 38-41 mpg per gallon; love the look of the car. It was a bit pricey, but I am getting that back in gas savings eventually. I do wish the trunk space were a little larger, but for me and my husband that is all right. Glad I bought Ford!

  • rebecca frost

    dhaat shiid flyyy…. bruuhh…. dhaat shiit qo haard….!!.

  • Betty

    We have a Mercury Mariner hybrid. What a great car. We have been so impressed with Ford, lately. Back in the early 80’s we purchased a Ford Mustang Convertible. Most beautiful car and worst car we have ever owned at the same time. Even getting Ford to fix their own product even with safety recalls was difficult. Vowed we would never buy Ford again. Well, never say never. Ford’s at the top and well deserved. We love our Mariner hybrid so much we just purchased a new 2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid and will be picking it up today. Can’t wait. I’m feeling very good about this car, too.

  • SamSmith

    Hybrid technology is the best technology developing in automotive world and doing great. I agree with FORD is leading this technology.
    Hybrid cars are the future cars, In future every automobile company will focus on these cars, So no one knows who will be the next leading Company. Great going ford.


  • joe

    This is a big step ahead for the Ford team and I am sure that they must be really proud to their latest addition to the “family”! The Ford Fusion Hybrid certainly seems to be an ideal answer for a smooth drive and though Ford did have a lot of issues some time back, I’ve been using my Ford Escape for the past four years and I’ve been very happy with it!! I will definitely opt for the Ford Fusion Hybrid if I am able to dispose this one off for a good price!!

    portable generator reviews

  • Mike White

    if you believe found on the road dead then your part of the problem. The only thing found on the road dead is going to be your job, higher prices and a dollar that is not worth the paper its printed on. Keep the foreign countries working while our economy rots……thanx for nothing , jerk

  • shweta007

    The pictures of the new Ford Fusion Hybrid looks really nice and also since it is a hybrid version it must be fuel efficient too.

  • Chad

    Hello Roland,
    I’m thinking about getting rid of my F-150 and getting a Fusion. Just wondering, after a year do you still like the car and think it was a good purchase?

  • Chuck

    F-150 owner to any hybrid will be eye opener and I think you’ll love it. I would test drive Fusion hybrid and Camry hybrid and see one you attach yourself with.

  • dodgers tickets

    We have a Mercury Mariner hybrid. What a great car rays tickets We have been so impressed with Ford, lately. Back in the early 80’s we purchased a Ford Mustang Convertible giants tickets Most beautiful car and worst car we have ever owned at the same time. Even getting Ford to fix their own product even with safety recalls was difficult. Vowed we would never buy Ford again cubs tickets

  • Big trucks

    Ford is one of the best American automotive company.Recently I purchased a 2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid car and for me its the best car I have ever drive.Their are rumors in the market about hybrid car coming with lots of disadvantage.But to me hybrid cars are one of the amazing creation of human mind.

  • Male HairLoss Prevention

    This is mighty impressive 1445 miles in a single tank of gas. FUSION HYBRID AVERAGES 81.5 MPG, SETS WORLD RECORD WITH 1,445 MILES ON SINGLE TANK OF GAS. Man this is brilliant! Why would people buy a VOLT which is more than $10,000 more & charging electric cars are not always a practical option. It takes time to charge, unlike hair loss supplements filling-up gas in stations which will only take a few minutes. Sure the Volt has been computed to have a 320 mpg rating if your daily use is below 40 miles per day, which 80% of Americans do. The 80 -20 rule was why they aimed at 40 miles for electric driving. If 80% of Americans drove 45 miles per day the Volt would be aimed at 45 miles of electric driving. The ford fusion hybrid sort of reminds me about of a gasoline sedan with diesel like compact European cars mileage.

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    http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-13746_7-10230024-48.html MaleHairLossStress

  • William

    I’ve been driving a Ford Fusion for years and just love it. With gas prices just shooting through the roof I’ve saved a ton of money driving a more fuel efficient vehicle. Plus it looks sharp and drives like a champ.

  • martin2221

    FORD…First On Race Day

  • MegaSarge

    “FORD…First On Race Day”
    Yep those imported Fords (Mexico) and Chevys (Canada) are beating the American Made Camry — Go #18!!!

  • Anonymous

    The Ford Fusion was one of the first hybrids I looked at. But they have taken away the split, fold down back seat. That made it an impossible choice for me. Where does anyone carry their skis? The possibility of a Prius station wagon coming to market has decided me to wait. I don’t understand the Fusion eliminating the fold down seat. This one change has removed it from my selection.

  • Paul G Eckerson

    Why doesn’t someone build a car with a 50 horsepower diesel engine that runs a generator only. Have a battery that can do 20 -40 miles. Have electric motors/generators for drive and regenerative braking. Engine comes on at 20% and shuts off at 100% or can be overridden by driver when he/she will be able to get home and charge better. No drive shafts, no transmisson, no universal joints or cvc joints. Should have enough power for acceleration and enough to cruise the highway at highway speed. The engine operation can be set optimally as it will run at one preset rpm always. Design battery compartment to accomodate any new battery technology.

  • WillyT

    I think it’s pretty impressive that through the end of October, the Fusion hybrid is number two in hybrid car sales for 2010, edging out the Honda Insight and beating the Toyota Camry Hybrid. It goes to show that Ford is on the right track.

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  • Rear Parking Sensors


    great one i like to say thanks for sharing such a great site..



  • Shanaynay


  • Margaux

    A car made in Mexico of course. I think that we should keep it in North America so for me, Mexico, Canada or the US are my choices.

  • Margaux

    Of course Mexico is a great choice. We are affected daily because there are families on both sides of the border and we are comingled. It makes sound economic sense and what is good for Mexico is good for the US and our blended families!

  • Anonymous

    Several government officials in Mexico believe the Fast and Furious gun running fiasco rises to the level of a “war crime” against the people of Mexico. So perhaps now is not the time to reinforce the prejudice and bias of people who think cars made in Mexico are inferior to cars made by Union works who drink beer and smoke pot during lunch.

  • Warren

    I drove a 2010 Fusion hybrid from Niagara Falls to Yellowstone park and back – about 4000 miles in 7 days – and got great mileage, especially in the mountains. 40 to 46 miles per us gallon. Still enjoying the car as it now has 48,000 miles on it and its running great.

  • Vincent Baxter

    Just got off the lot from one of the Ford Dealerships in Oklahoma City and talked to the sales rep about the new hybrids for a while. To be honest, he didn’t tell me much that I didn’t already know (I did a TON of research), and I definitely have my eyes on the Ford Escape.

    I would love to hear some thoughts back from you guys before I commit to the sale though.

  • michel

    The Fusion Hybrid is a full hybrid because both propulsion sources, an electric motor powered by a Sanyo supplied 275 V nickel-metal hydride battery, and a 2.5L Atkinson cycle I4 156 hp 136 ft.lbs. gas engine with late intake valve closing have substantial power ratings and either can be used alone to propel the vehicle.

    Car news

  • jordan benford

    ford sucks chevy is better

  • Patrick Winter

    But a used Ford Escot wagon and get 40 mpg! My wife’s 1995 escort wagon had transmission problems @ 180K miles, so we looked on Craig’s list and found a 1998 model that was nearly identical with less than 100K miles. Still getting 40/30 mpg hiway/city… Bought the car in nearly showroom condition interior, cruise control and intact paint except for the traditional rust on the rear wheel wells–Ford Escort owners know what I’m talking about.

    No great performance and it is a station wagon–but when it comes to cheap transportation that is cheap on gass–it is a far cheaper alternative.

    My question is, if Ford could design a 40 mpg car in ’95-’98, why can’t they figure this out for more models now?

    My guess is all the EPA and Nat’l Tranpsortation Safety Commission requirements make the cars too heavy and choke the heck out of the engines…

  • MariaQ

    I own a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid. I have been having problems with the engine light coming on. The dealer where I bought the car from has been trying their best in correcting the problem with no success. The dealer has now called in a Ford Technician from Michigan to work on my car. I bought the car in Nov 2010 as an inventory car with only 10 miles driven. I only have owned it for one year and now I have this problem. The car runs good and normal even though the engine light comes on. I am wondering if there are other Fusion Hybrid owners who are experiencing this problem. The engine light concerns me because when I do have a real engine problem, I would not be able to tell.

    In addition to the engine light problem, my car continuously registers a phantom car on the cross traffic sensors on the side mirrors. I keep bringing the car in to have the computer adjusted. The dealership says that obstacles on the road like radars, middle medium on highway, a sign, etc can cause the sensor to malfunction temporarily. Are there other fusion hybrid owners out there who are experiencing this problem?

    Thankfully my car dealership has been very accommodating and helpful in trying their best to solve my problem. I happen to have taken a six year MPP protection plan when I bought my car, and all service calls have been covered so far.
    This is too scary. An expensive car owned for one year already experiencing these types of problems.

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    If we compare both Fusion and Prius ;Fusion has got much better interior look than the Prius.Dash board of this model is cool with features like climate control,traction control,high performance audio system and central locking system.It is a big competitor for other models like Honda,Toyota,Chevy.

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    Have been driving our 2010 FF hybrid for a year now (early December purchase) and are now at 15 K miles + including several trips to FL and SC from Ohio. Love the car to pieces, but wish it had a fold-down rear seat and a memory seat for the driver. Almost purchased the Lincoln MKZ hybrid but liked the Fusion interior much better. No problems to report, but we had to call the dealership for assistance with the Navigation system. The Garmin GPS systems are much easier to activate and use.

    High points in the car are the backup camera and backup sensors, the voice activated phone/entertainment system (serius)/travel link for fuel prices ahead/weather radar/movie start times/comfortable solid ride & fuel economy always around 40 mpg. Wish it had greater range on battery alone for short trips, but the engine starts to warm the car on cold days even when using the battery to drive.

    Negative points include: No down-hill engine braking on long down grades. We have to ride the brakes to keep the vehicle under control (85 mph + and accelerating is not safe on the interstates !) Free and frequent up- dating of the GPS data base should be part of the whole package for a $33K midsize American car). Newer food outlets and POIs do appear every year.

    But overall a great car that we would buy again in a couple of years. Keep up the good work.

  • Norm M

    Have been driving our 2010 FF hybrid for a year now (early December purchase) and are now at 15 K miles + including several trips to FL and SC from Ohio. Love the car to pieces, but wish it had a fold-down rear seat and a memory seat for the driver. Almost purchased the Lincoln MKZ hybrid but liked the Fusion interior much better. No problems to report, but we had to call the dealership for assistance with the Navigation system. The Garmin GPS systems are much easier to activate and use.

    High points in the car are the backup camera and backup sensors, the voice activated phone/entertainment system (serius)/travel link for fuel prices ahead/weather radar/movie start times/comfortable solid ride & fuel economy always around 40 mpg. Wish it had greater range on battery alone for short trips, but the engine starts to warm the car on cold days even when using the battery to drive.

    Negative points include: No down-hill engine braking on long down grades. We have to ride the brakes to keep the vehicle under control (85 mph + and accelerating is not safe on the interstates !) Free and frequent up- dating of the GPS data base should be part of the whole package for a $33K midsize American car). Newer food outlets and POIs do appear every year.

    But overall a great car that we would buy again in a couple of years. Keep up the good work.

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    Admittedly, I came close to buying a Ford Fusion hybrid this fall because of better overall gas mileage than Toyota’s Camry 2011 hybrid. That was until a local Toyota salesman stated “if you are considering a Ford hybrid, you just might want to wait until the release of the new 2012 Camry hybrid which will be mechanically re-engineered and cost less than Toyota’s 2011 models.” Bottom line, ~ I waited until December and bought a 2012 Toyota Camry hybrid because 1) better interior design without all the cheap looking Ford dashboard lights, 2) larger trunk space, 3) an engine with no belts, 4) better EPA estimated overall vehicle gas mileage and 5) a savings of almost $3,500 less than the cost of a Ford hybrid!!! Note: Did not consider the Hyundai Sonata hybrid because reviews did not warrant the effort needed to drive out of our local area to find a dealer.

  • Rhodies

    For those that have commented on the Ford Fusion hybrid not having a “lower” braking gear for instances of driving down long hills, ~ the 2012 Toyota Camry hybrid has such a gear clearly marked “B” for engine braking. I’m amazed at how long the “EV” (electric motor) indicator stays on at speeds up to 46 mph.

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    We look forward to taking our yearly road trip this summer and enjoying the comfort and economy.

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    Seems to me that Ford is shooting itself in the foot by announcing a better hybrid Fusion 9 months before it’ll be available for sale. What’s the incentive to buy this year’s model?

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    Why did they have to mess up a fine design? I hope that they fixed the trunk space, at least something positive may come of it.

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    I love the car, design, space etc…but bying to every buy any Ford again would take alot of thought, we also have a 08 350 Duley that has had every replaced and just spent anoth 1600 today on a radiator, with only 75,000 miles, really!!!!!!

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    I’d wait for more data on the 2013 Fusion hybrid. Looks like Ford has managed to exaggerate the MPG numbers: http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2012/11/20/ford-hybrids-fuel-economy-failing-to-live-up-to-epa-ratings/

  • Anonymous

    But Ford is not resting on its laurels. An all-new 2013 Fusion Hybrid will be in dealer showrooms this fall. It not only ups the fuel economy numbers to an expected 47 city/44 highway, it is blessed with the styling of the gasoline-powered Fusion that auto critics are calling the best-looking midsize car, bar none.
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    2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid vs. 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid Hybrid – summary from official specs. and several reviews…

    – The Fusion has a really cool “Aston Martinish” grill.
    – The Camry has 12 more horsepower, weighs 303 pounds less, and gets to 60mph 27% faster than the Fusion (7.2 seconds vs. 9.1 seconds).
    – The Fusion has a more “high tech, lighter, smaller Li-ion battery pack” that somehow takes up 4 cubic feet, leaving a trunk that is more than 1 cubic foot smaller than the Camry’s (12 cubic feet vs. 13.1 cubic feet).
    – The Camry’s trunk is 2.3 cubic feet smaller than the standard Camry, while the Fusion’s trunk is 4 cubic feet smaller than the standard Fusion. How is this technology smaller?
    – The Camry hybrid weighs 177 pounds more than the non-hybrid Camry, while the Fusion hybrid weighs 293 pounds more than the non-hybrid Fusion. How is this technology lighter?
    – The Fusion is rated at 47mpg, and the Camry 41mpg; however, the Camry actually gets 41mpg, and the Fusion gets less.
    – This is especially bad for the Fusion, because it has a tiny gas tank, 26% smaller than the Camry’s (13.5 gallons vs. 17 gallons).
    – The Camry has more back seat headroom.
    – The Fusion Hybrid costs $2,000 more than the Camry Hybrid.
    – The Camry is made in Kentucky, while the Fusion is made in Mexico.
    – The Fusion has a really cool “Aston Martinish” grill (repeated, I know, but people are really excited about the grill).

    Real-world gas mileage references (also check Ford C-Max – – same drive train)
    – Toyota and Ford user forums

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