Ford Fusion And C-MAX Hybrid Nab Awards

Ford has been marketing its fuel-efficient cars in a most assertive way, and its Fusion and C-MAX Hybrid have now been respectively recognized as one publication’s Car of the Year and Alternative Fuel Car of the Year.

The Fusion – which is also available in a hybrid and plug-in hybrid version – was named COTY by Autobytel’s editorial team which loaded up the car with praises in a nearly unanimous decision.

“The 2013 Ford Fusion has arrived just in time to do battle with the best that Japan, Korea, and its U.S. counterparts have to offer,” said Jeff Glucker in his first drive piece on the car, “The problem for everyone else? The 2013 Fusion might the best of a really good bunch.”


Glucker noted also “It’s the Mondeo for the rest of the world, and now we [in the U.S.] get it.” The Fusion was also noted as being “the right amount of car for the right price,” by Autobytel’s T.J. Keon and overall, while acknowledging there are other worthwhile choices in the category, the Fusion was said to be the best the editors had seen.

Among even greener offerings, the editors also liked Ford’s C-MAX Hybrid which also happens to be facing allegations of exaggerated fuel efficiency in other quarters. Among the publication’s editors, the C-MAX managed to edge out three other finalists as the winner of Alternative Fuel Car of the Year.

Reasons cited for the new five-seater hybrid hatchback include its estimated 47 mpg from its 1.4-liter engine plus electrics which delivers a Prius-beating 188 horsepower. The C-MAX rides on Ford’s global C platform also used by the Focus and Escape. The design, it was noted, provides up to 52.6 cubic feet or interior space.

Finalists beaten by the C-MAX in the COTY competition are other highly regarded cars, the Tesla Model S, VW Jetta Hybrid, and Chevrolet Volt.

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