Ford Focus PZEV Rivals Hybrids’ Low Emissions

Dec. 10, 2007: Source – Detroit News

Ford PZEV Badging

Ford wants the public to know that its four-seater compact, the Ford Focus, is in the same league as many hybrid vehicles, with respect to emission standards. A variant of the small car meets requirements for a Partial Zero Emission Vehicle (PZEV) certification in the state of California, and now wears badging to show off its green status.

To be given the distinction, a vehicle must first meet the Super Ultra-Low Emissions Vehicle standard (SULEV), as well as emit no fuel vapors, and offer a 15 Year/150,000 mile warranty on its emissions equipment. SULEV signifies a new car that is 80 percent cleaner with respect to smog-forming emissions than the average 2007 vehicle.

To put PZEV into better perspective, Ford put together some fun—but quite trivial and esoteric— facts that illustrate the vehicle’s eco-friendliness:

  • Grilling one hamburger emits more hydrocarbon emissions than a Focus PZEV would on a three-hour drive—about 180 miles.
  • A Focus PZEV would have to be driven more than 2,100 miles, or five trips between Los Angeles and San Francisco, to equal the emissions generated by the leading 5.4-horsepower lawn mower in just one hour of use.
  • The Focus PZEV is so clean it would take 330 of them running at the same time to equal the smog-forming emissions of one typical 1971 car, the first California emission-controlled vehicle.

On top of its clean burning attributes, this PZEV grants a very hybrid-like 37 miles per gallon. But because it’s not a hybrid, it does not qualify for tax credits—though some argue it should. Even without the tax incentive, the Focus PZEV has accounted for about 97 percent of Focus sales in California since 2003.

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  • Gerald Shields

    How about a Focus Hybrid babeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Gmavin

    A full picture would have been nice.G.E.Fassauer

  • Gandalf

    What is the premium price over the average Focus?

    This is good news if there is little price premium.

  • Andrew

    I live in PA. I bought my 2 door Focus in December 2005 (2006 model) for $14,000 SES version (heated seats, moon-roof, 16″ tires etc.) It is a PZEV. It was the only Focus available in PA.

  • Boom Boom

    This is not Ford getting out in front of anything. Lots of cars have this. Ford needs to make more than one hybrid to get any real credit.
    The Detroit News is a ditto machine for Big 3 PR staff.

  • Jeff

    I will give Ford some credit here. At least they have delivered a better car. Though 37 mpg is not fantastic, a “real” cleaner burning car is much better than the vaporware Volt.

  • Roland

    While i love that the Ford is begrudgingly making a more responsible vehicle, their PR engine continues to make me ill.

    The suggestion that a conventional (non-hybrid) vehicle has less environmental impact than a hamburger is just another example of the american auto marketing machine’s bitter attempt to convince consumers that the impetus towards cleaner vehicles is all nonsense. Really, really sad. And if there is one thing we’ve learned, its not to trust ANY number, statistics, or anything else coming out of Detroits spin machine.

    I am still along way from ever considering purchasing an American vehicle. I wish this were not so.

  • Boom Boom

    List of other car with PZEV.

    Look at the list and tell me what Ford deserves credit for. There are much bigger, more powerful cars that get PZEV ratings.

  • Charles

    I have a 2004 PZEV Focus. The cost was about $300 more IIRC.