2012 Ford Fiesta Diesel is its 'Most Fuel Efficient Car Ever'

Ford has started production of a new Fiesta diesel that gets the lowest CO2 emissions and highest mileage the company has yet delivered, and if you live in Europe, you can get one too.

If you live in the U.S., well, Ford perceives that Americans don’t fancy diesels well enough yet, even if they could surely benefit from them.

With its 1.6-liter Duratorq TDCi diesel engine, the 2012 Fiesta is rated for 86 mpg on the Euro cycle and emits just 87 grams CO2 per kilometer.

Of course the U.S. test cycle typically returns much lower mpg numbers, but this car is nonetheless in hybrid efficiency territory without need for battery-electric hybridization – and imagine if they did make a hybrid version …

But the diesel Fiesta highlights what Ford can do with a small diesel short of adding battery and motor assistance. Instead of electrification, the German-produced Fiesta – delivering 93 horsepower and 151 pound-feet of torque – makes use of such tricks as stop-start technology, Smart Regenerative Charging, an “eco mode,” and shift indicator light.

Further, Ford says the engine has been calibrated for maximum efficiency, and the transmission uses gear ratios optimized for the same. Other tweaks include a lowered suspension, undershield and wheel deflectors and low-rolling resistant tires.

This vehicle is part of Ford of Europe’s push for half of all its cars sold this year to employ ECOnetic Technology. In 2013, the company says the number of ECOnetic-badged cars will rise to two-thirds.

Ford says it has committed to cut CO2 emissions from its cars by 30 percent between 2006 and 2020, and is proud of what it calls its “most fuel efficient car ever.”

“Fiesta is already hugely successful across Europe and the ECOnetic Technology model takes its fuel efficiency and low-CO2 offering to another level,” said Stephen Odell, CEO and chairman, Ford of Europe. “Customers can be assured these significant gains have been achieved without compromising the great driving quality for which Ford is famous.”

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  • Capt. Concernicus

    Well good for Europeans. Bad for Americans.

    Toyota is working with BMW in what hopes to be a combining of diesel engines and lithium-ion batteries. Of course such a car whether a Prius or BMW would NEVER come here to the U.S.


  • pickupdoctor

    Never say never. I think VW is pioneering Diesel technology adoption in US and they are planning on expanding their lineup here. If gas prices remain high or continue on going even higher those cars will show up in US sooner than later.

    At this point it is only matter of time before every car manufacturer in US sells a Diesel car. Sure it may take 5-10 years but it will happen.

    I am still waiting for diesel-hybrid. Volvo will start selling it soon, VW has one in future concept form, with time they will become reality.

    I think FORD, GM and Chrysler must start pushing Diesel cars here, gas stations must build more Diesel gas stations and we should be on our way.

  • Van

    Not sure what to make of this article. 87 Miles per gallon sounds too good to be true. Is this based on imperial gallons, i.e. 20% larger than our gallons, so the actual U.S gallon figure is 68 MPG? And is the Euro Cycle more generous, such that 68 Euro equates with 54 MPG EPA mileage. Now a small low drag, low rolling resistance vehicle could be reasonably expected to get 50 to 60 MPG. So is this what we should make of this article?

    Does this support the dream of many of us here that a diesel hybrid would give us close to 60 MPG combined. I think so.

  • wxman

    This latest Fiesta Econetic diesel reportedly gets 3.3 liters/100 km, which would convert to about 71.3 mpgUS.

    The EPA 5-cycle mileage typically is about 20% lower than the NEDC (Euro) cycle, so this would get somewhere in the neighborhood of 57 mpg in the “combined” EPA 5-cycle.

  • Frank tdi

    Hey dude! Check out this cool Fiesta diesel! Just what we need!

  • Jason Haupt

    Chevy is releasing a Diesel Cruz in the ’13 model year.

  • Continental Cruiser

    What is the matter with you guys? I have been talking to people in the UK and thwey have had the Fiesta Diesel for years and noe BMW and VW are sending their ccars to the US when are you going to smarten up and bring them top the US market? I would be interested in getting one asap. The cost and upkeewp on a hybrid is rediculous and not the least bit green. The last info on the mileage estimate in 2008 was 65 mpg, and that was great but this sounds better. Is they are manufature these in Europe and import them to the US, you could sell a boat load in 2 days. GET SMART.

  • kenjj50

    I don’t believe the availability of diesel fuel here in the US is much in question. There’s a truck stop every 20 miles on all the US interstate highways and it’s not unusual for gas stations to have at least one diesel pump.

  • Grumpy

    I for 1 would love to buy a diesel car, they are far better than gasoline and last longer also, sure here in the U.S.A. diesel fuel cost is a bit higher than gasoline but if this car is getting 80+mpg its well worth the little bit extra for fuel!
    When are these companies like ford going to get there head out of they’re rectums and start pushing diesel cars here in the U.S.A. back in the early 1980’s they made the escort with a diesel engine and the ford ranger pick-up also had a diesel and those cars and trucks lasted a long time (with proper maintenance) and got great MPG for that times!! WAKE UP AMERICA diesel is far more greener than electric and all these hybrids!!!

  • hydrojo

    Dunno why Ford keeps saying Americans don’t fancy diesels well enough yet. Is it because they will only sell in the hundreds of thousands and not millions? It seems the Brits and most of Euro has gotten the best of the diesels through the years while sending their dogs across the pond. Maybe that’s why we’re a bit gun shy. Nevertheless, we Yanks are ready. It’s likely our unenlightened leaders (and I use that word advisedly) who are keeping it from happening. Bring’em on!

  • Philip Berent

    Does it make any difference what the American consumer wants? I’m not aware the auto companies listen to anything. I would love to get a diesel focus. If not available, I might just buy a diesel passat. All of the preceding comments seem spot on.

  • jones22

    I am definitely a huge fan of this car. You are able to get so much this type of gas mileage. So happy to see this. Great job on this. discount marine products

  • Vic Neufeld

    I would buy a Ford diesel car if they offord one.