Ford C-MAX Tops Prius V with 47 MPG EPA Rating

Ford’s all-new C-MAX Hybrid is now officially EPA-certified at 47 mpg city, 47 mpg highway and 47 mpg combined.

This means the C-MAX returns up to 7 mpg more than a comparable Toyota Prius v.

This certification makes the C-MAX Hybrid the first hybrid vehicle to offer 47 mpg across the board. Hybrids have traditionally been more economical in city driving than on the highway, unlike conventional vehicles.

The C-MAX Hybrid, however, is said by the EPA to return the same fuel economy whether driving cross-country or across the city – stemming mostly from a growing list of innovations that have helped the vehicle to deliver an impressive list of metrics, such as a top speed of up to 62 mph in EV mode.

Among those Ford innovations are the patented SmartGauge with EcoGuide that coaches for top fuel efficiency by providing growing green leaves in the gauge cluster as a reward for economical driving; and ECO Cruise, a feature that helps optimize powertrain elements for convenient yet economical highway travel.

The C-MAX Hybrid is expected to be America’s most affordable hybrid utility vehicle when it arrives at dealerships later this year with a base price of $25,995, including destination and delivery.

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  • Van

    Yes the EPA rates the Prius V at 42 MPG combined, 44 city and 40 highway.

    It seems that Ford hybrids, at least as claimed by the EPA, consistently outperforms Toyota. The Fusion tops the Camry and now the C-Max tops the Prius V. The new HF35 transmission appears to be a marvel.

  • Pablo

    Congratulations Ford.

  • bloggin

    Also the C-MAX Energy tops the Prius Plug-in with over 20 EV miles compared to 11 for the Prius.

    Also, right now the C-MAX Hybrid is $1,555 less than the Prius V with $1,000 cash back from Ford.

    I am betting that Ford is also gunning for 51mpg highway for the C-MAX Energi and Fusion Energi. To best the Prius plug-in hwy mpg. I am sure with that large battery, they are saving some of it to extend the hwy mpg even further.

    Next is the 2013 redesigned Fiesta, with the 1.0 ecoboost, utilizing much of the econetic technology from Europe (auto start-stop, brake regen, eco mode, etc), looking to top the 53city/46 hwy of the Prius C with better mpg, more power and better driving dynamics, for less money.

    Then whats left is the Prius liftback. This is where the Focus 5-door hybrid fits in. It’s the same platform as the C-MAX hybrid and energi, all Ford has to do is add the lighter Focus body and offer class leading 50/50/50 mpg.

    2013 will be an interesting year……

  • Van

    Thanks Bloggin, for your informative post.

  • hybridhybrid

    I’m glad that Ford is releasing some competition for the Prius. At least now consumers have more options to choose from.

    However when it comes to comparison (which Ford and their died hard fan boys love to do so much), if you think about it, the hybrid system that the Prius V is using is like what… almost 3 years old now. Yes the Prius V may still be selling as a 2013 model but that 1.8L engine and that 3rd gen HSD that is fitted is like since late 2009/early 2010. Not to mention that crappy NiMH battery that Toyota still using (contract with suppliers or whatever excuse they have)

    So if Ford think that comparing a late 2012 technology to a late 2009 tech is fair, I suggest them think again.

  • Pep

    The main reason to buy the Prius V over the Prius liftback is for the cargo volume of 34.3 cubic feet versus the 21.6 cubic feet of the Prius liftback. For a traveling family of four, this cargo volume is the key metric to track. In contrast, the C-Max has a cargo volume of 24.5 cubic feet. The difference in cargo volume for the C-Max and the Prius V is significant. Hence, these vehicles are not comparable despite the buzz. A better comparison is between the C-Max and the Prius liftback.

  • Arnie Fishman

    when we went to the Ford dealer, we found out immediately that there is NO spare tire. So all that extra room that is mentioned here will be taken up by a spare tire. that is a problem. Its a beautiful car and love the alloy wheel design.