Fisker’s European Expansion On-Track

Fisker Automotive’s international expansion continues with a growing dealer network and customer delivery of ITS cars across Europe.

It was recently announced that long-established dealer group Guarnieri will exclusively import and market all Fisker vehicles in Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

Guarnieri operates high-end dealerships and showrooms across the region with a large and loyal customer base and a track-record of success with premium manufacturers including BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, and McLaren.

Announcing the new partnership at the Marbella Luxury Weekend, Fisker Automotive’s Executive Chairman Henrik Fisker said: “We are delighted to have an importer as well-established and experienced as Guarnieri to bring our range-extended luxury cars to Spain. This further increases Fisker Automotive’s international distribution footprint as we bring the concept of Responsible Luxury to consumers worldwide.”

Fisker Automotive is also opening up a new showroom in Oslo, based in the center of the world-renowned waterfront district. Tjuvholmen is a modern urban waterfront, built on the land of an old shipyard, situated in heart of Oslo overlooking the majestic Oslo Fjord. This showroom will be a state-of-the-art showroom in a setting that reflects Henrik Fisker’s “design inspired by nature” philosophy.

In France, new Fisker Automotive showrooms and dealer facilities have recently opened in Paris and Cannes. In Italy, national importer GP Supercars has created a pop-up Fisker Automotive store in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Milan. Guests can discover and test-drive the car during their stay.

Fleets of Fisker Karmas have been turning heads at the Cannes Film Festival, Monaco Grand Prix and Marbella Luxury Weekend, where prospective customer test drives and VIP events have been taking place. Fisker has showrooms in all three locations. The Karma is becoming a more frequent sight on the roads of France, Italy and Germany as customer deliveries and high-profile events continue into the summer.

In that short time, demand for the Karma has been borne out: for example, during the first four months of the year it was the second best-selling luxury car in the Netherlands, ahead of the Audi A8, Mercedes S Class and BMW 7 Series. More than one thousand Karmas have now been delivered to customers worldwide, with the number increasing every week. Customers in U.S. have been taking delivery since Decemer 2011, and in Europe since February 2012.

Fisker Karma wins AutoTest/Autobild E-Car Award

The Fisker Karma has been voted the “Best EV with a Range Extender” in the AutoTest/Autobild E-Car Awards in Germany. The award recognizes strengths of Fisker’s groundbreaking EVer powertrain and the flexibility of real-world range it offers Karma customers. It is the latest in a string of international awards that Fisker Automotive is proud to have won since the launch of the Karma.

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  • Al Bunzel

    Nice looking car.

    I would have preferred if it had a bigger battery pack. According to Fisker’s website, battery capacity is 20.1kwh delivering up to a 50 mile Electric range. I would rather see something with a bigger Electric range so there is less reliance on the gas motor which means a small gas motor could be used instead of this big 2.0L turbocharged direct injection 4-cyl gasoline engine.

  • Roy_H

    Al Bunzel, I respectively disagree. If you want longer battery range, then you should consider a pure battery vehicle. The Karma already weighs about 5300 lbs and there would be little weight saved by going to a 1.4L or even 1.0L engine. The extra range, keeping the same total weight would be negligible, about 5 miles. A smaller engine would dramatically reduce the performance, would you accept a 65mph top speed after the battery was depleted? And much slower if you were going up a long mountain incline?

  • Roy_H

    It’s tough for a new auto manufacturer to get started, it looks like Fisker is doing very well. I suspect Fisker will sell many more Karmas in Europe than in America. The lower priced Atlantic will sell better in America.

  • dale g.

    My wife and I LOVE!!! our new Fisker Karrma. The car handles like a Porsche but is much more stylish. We have 5680 miles on our vehicle and have been to the gas station 4 times -38gallons total.Have had computer upgrades but the service team here in Orlando have been excellent. The attention in this iconic vehicle is exciting. The bad press is expected but over zealous .Congatulations to Mr. Fisker for a great vehicle. I can’t imagine the BS he had to weather to get this vehicle into production.