Fisker Announces Plug-in Hybrid Convertible

Fisker has announced a new concept vehicle called the Sunset or Karma S. The carmaker revealed no technical or design details about the car, and has only offered a partial detail photograph.

From the photograph, it appears that the vehicle lacks a b-pillar. That, along with its name, indicates that the Sunset is probably a convertible. The pronounced wheel arch and sharp character lines hint at the vehicle’s sporty character.

The Karma S appears to be an open-air variant to the Fisker Karma, powered by the same plug-in hybrid system. If this is true, Fisker could become the first automaker to produce a convertible hybrid for the consumer market.

The Sunset will debut, along with the production version of the Fisker Karma, on January 12th at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show.

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  • TogetherinParis

    This company knows nothing about aerodynamics. If they did, they would know that enclosing the wheel wells would improve performance significantly.

  • Bryce

    Somehow, I don’t think they are going for aerodynamic……but rather a more sporty look. Admittedly, it does look good, and 25k cheaper than a tesla. Sounds good to me, but still a bit out of my price range.

  • Apartfromsense

    TogetherinParis is an arrogant, tunnel visioned ass… If they weren’t, they’d know that everyone knows enclosing the wheel wells would improve performance significantly but that doing so would also have dozens of negative effects greater concern to automakers actually trying to sell production vehicles. Since TogetherinParis already seem to know everything I’ll refrain from enumerating them all here.

  • sean t

    Enclosing the wheel well like the 1st gen of Insight? Haha.

  • mdensch

    sean t says: Enclosing the wheel well like the 1st gen of Insight? Haha.

    . . . or perhaps the 1st gen Nash Rambler

  • hybridgreg

    Creating an aerodynamic body is much more complex than just using wheel well covers. Drag on the car comes from many sources. By its very “un-Aerodynamic” nature, a convertible will have more drag than almost any hardtop (I will exempt certain T-tops) because of the air dam that is created behind the windshield, let alone the back of the car. So, worrying about wheel covers on a convertible is well, …like thinking that wheel covers on Citroen is some sort of magic bullet for fuel efficiency. The important thing here is to recognize the effects of air drag on vehicle efficiency and quantify the design aerodynamically.

  • Caroline

    haha you guys r funny

    if you dont like it, dont buy it. u hardly think fisker cares if you think its aerodynamic enough lol

    oh and props to the guys that busted out “arrogant tunnel-visioned ass”
    very creative

  • Bryce

    well….I do like…..but can’t buy it……

    : (

  • Zero X Owner

    Use the 2009 Volkswagen Jetta TDI 2.0 liter four cylinder TDI turbocharged engine developing 140 hp and 235 foot pounds of torque for the generator and we’re talking – bet it’s more efficient than the crappy GM 2.0 liter Eco-boots.