Fisker ‘Project Nina’ Revealed as the ‘Atlantic’

We’ve been waiting to see this car since October 2009 when at the dedication to Fisker’s Delaware plant, Vice President Joe Biden said it and two other siblings were quite fetching, and full-swing production was to be 100,000 units per year.

To be powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged BMW gasoline engine – plus as—of-yet unspecified A123 Systems battery pack and electric motor – the Fisker Atlantic was photographed prior to its debut this week at the New York Auto Show.

Family resemblance to the Karma is clear, but this model is to be roughly half the price. On first glance it looks like a two-door coupe, but note seam lines for rear doors meaning this is a four-door as is the Chevy Volt.

No doubt Fisker will be hoping its official EPA numbers are less underwhelming than the Karma’s were, and we’ll soon see whether Fisker shows the other versions also, and what else it can tell us.

Last we’d heard the car was to be priced somewhere in the upper $40,000 range, is eligible for subsidies, and now after over two years of keeping it away from spy photographers, here are a few first pictures.

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  • MrEnergyCzar

    Will this be the first true EREV after the Volt and Karma? Meaning, will the engine come on at highway speeds like the PIP, plug-in Accord and Ford plug-in….


  • Jeff Cobb

    I’m thinking it will be. Fisker made waves last year when it called its “EVer” Karma “the world’s first” extended-range EV, seemingly snubbing the Volt, although GM was not fazed by the PR grabbing attempt. The Ninas are expected to follow the formula. We’ll know more soon.

  • Roy_H

    Some will still want the Karma for its exclusiveness and available now, but others will recognize the Atlantic as a refined version of the Karma and wait for its release. This will take some sales away from the Karma. That will put extra pressure on Fisker to get the Atlantic to market asap.