Fisker Hosts Karma Owners' Rally In Santa Monica

Owners of the plug-in series hybrid made by that other California startup electrified car maker – Fisker Automotive – converged on Santa Monica, Calif., in the shadow of one of Fisker’s biggest retailers Sunday, to show off their Karmas, meet, and share the love.

In all, 48 Karma owners participated in a very quiet parade driving down San Vicente Blvd. in all-electric Stealth mode. They were treated also to brunch and invited to an open discussion with Executive Chairman Henrik Fisker along with CEO Tony Posawatz, CEO and Vice President of Global Design, Alex Klatt. The shin-dig was held at an exclusive location overlooking the Pacific, the Jonathan Club.

Fisker of Santa Monica has recorded over 100 Karmas sold in under 10 months which makes it one of the highest volume dealers in Fisker’s growing network of more than 70 dealers worldwide. The exact number of units sold at Santa Monica was not divulged, and for that matter, Fisker is still only saying “more than 1,500” Karmas have been sold globally, under-counting the actual number believed to be a fair bit higher – likely well over 2,000, and possibly close to twice the official ballpark tally.

At any rate, while Fisker is modestly choosing to under-represent its global sales achievements, it was reportedly a time of positive vibes for the Karma and the cluster of owners in Santa Monica.

“I can’t tell you how thrilling it is to see how excited Karma owners get about their cars and the future of this company,” said Henrik Fisker. “I’ve been in the business a long time and truly have never seen anything like it. It was fantastic to watch all those Karmas make their way through town, knowing they weren’t using a drop of gas.”

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