Fisker Hires Former GM Marketing Chief Joel Ewanick

Ousted GM global marketing chief Joel Ewanick now has a similar title for Fisker.

According to Automotive News, Ewanick, 52 is taking the helm as interim chief of global sales and marketing, but Fisker declined to say if he would become the main man as he stands in for retiring industry veteran, Richard Beattie, 58.

For the past six weeks, Ewanick has been working as a consultant for Fisker, and given Beattie only this week announced his retirement, Fisker says Ewanick is for now a regular employee.

But whether he stays in this capacity is an open question. All Fisker is saying is it is still searching for Beattie’s full-time replacement – and that Ewanick is the best man at present for the job.

“We would like to thank Richard for his valuable contribution in helping to grow the Fisker brand and sales in global markets over the past 12 months, and wish him well in his retirement,” said CEO (and also former GM employee), Tony Posawatz. “As we seek to appoint a long-term successor, there is no one better than Joel, with his wealth of motor industry experience and knowledge to guide us through this interim period. I am delighted to welcome him to the Fisker team.”

It’s been sort of like musical chairs at Fisker, which is finding its way with executive talent. Posawatz himself replaced former Chrysler CEO, Tom LaSorda, who’d been the CEO briefly until August.

Another seasoned professional Fisker has brought in from the big leagues is its CFO, Jim Yost, formerly an executive with Ford Motor Co., and Dana Holdings Corp.

To date, Posawatz in his role for Fisker has only been well spoken of that we’ve seen, and he is attempting to take the company in a positive direction that will include production of the Atlantic.

Now living on private funding since its U.S Energy Department loans were frozen after $193 million was used, the company is presently scouting the midwest with an eye on South Eastern Michigan to set up a technical development facility for the Atlantic series hybrid.

The Atlantic – while it may be priced a good $10,000 or so higher than the Chevy Volt – is a car that stands to give GM’s E-REV some competition, assuming the series hybrid is as good as Fisker says it expects it to be.

The company said it would announce by early spring where its Atlantic tech center will be located, and this is where the final details will be put together prior to its production.

Meanwhile, recalls for the rushed-to-market Karma have all been done, and no doubt Fisker hopes to keep its head down, keep expanding its global market, and keep making more or less positive announcements, its latest being – arguably – it now has two former GM execs to help it grow.

Ewanick was let go by GM in July, according to Automotive News, for a controversial promo deal with English soccer team, Manchester United.

He appears to be on a short leash with Fisker, but is now one step closer to having a new happy home, and for all intents and purposes, he already does.


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