Fisker and Ford Components Built in Michigan By Magna

Components for Fisker and for Ford are now being built by Magna E-Car Systems in Michigan.

Magna E-Car Systems, which is a partnership between Magna International and the Stronach Group, announced yesterday the grand opening of its latest facility, a plant in Grand Blanc Township, Michigan, that manufactures components for hybrid and electric vehicles.

The 66,000-square-foot facility has approximately 95 employees to help make electric motors, inverters and electronic powertrain controllers for the Ford Focus Electric, as well as inverters for the Fisker Karma and assorted components for other global customers.

The company also recently signed a Canadian battery manufacturing partnership with Hyundai Heavy Industries, has showcased a small test fleet of converted Chevy Equinox Crossover based electric vehicles, and is continuing to position itself in the budding industry.

Including Grand Blanc Township, Magna E-Car Systems now has four facilities in North America and two in Europe working on several programs for some of the world’s leading global automakers. The company has approximately 700 employees globally.

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  • Roy_H

    I didn’t know Magna E-Car had grown so rapidly. And getting into battery manufacturing too? I am really surprised at that, but maybe that is not quite clear, it could be that they do battery pack assembly and battery management (charging, temperature control etc.). I know Ford uses the same LG Chem batteries as the Volt, so in this case Magna E-Car would be packaging LG Chem batteries.

    Not surprised Fisker has moved away from Quantum, they were always too expensive, Magna is very aggressive whereas Quantum is a military supplier used to high profits and low production.

  • archie

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