First Drive: With the 40 MPG 2011 Elantra, Hyundai is Making Unicorns

Un•i•corn | Noun | Definition: An elusive mythical beast. Mix equal parts extreme value, good looks, and great warranty. Add incredible fuel economy and a dash of luxury. Place in Alabama manufacturing facility to bake. Result: a vehicle that sends competitors running in search of their own elusive mythical beasts. (Serves 4 in relative comfort—5 in a pinch).

lantra would be a top choice on my list. I imagine a car like the Elantra appealing greatly to commuters, deal-hunters, frugalists, and to parents looking for a first vehicle to buy their teenagers. Yet, with that said, the Elantra offers so much content for such a low price that it will likely be considered by consumers from across the entire market regardless of what other vehicles they are looking at.

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