Ferrari Shows Images of Enzo Engine Bay and Chassis

Ferrari has been teasing images of its pending Enzo successor including the carbon-chassis and V12 hybrid powertrain in the engine bay.

Not to be confused with a pickup truck made by Ford, the in-house code name for the mid-engine vehicle that may pack eight or more times the energy output of a 99-horsepower Prius C is “F150.”

What the whole car will look like and how close below or above $1 million it might eventually fetch after it debuts in 2013 is a mystery.

A few things are known however, such as Ferrari claims electrification will add 1.34 bhp for every 1 kg of added weight – and estimates have been hybridization will add around 120 kg, but will be compensated for by F1-derived weight saving measures elsewhere.

The flagship’s CO2 emissions on the other hand are reportedly cut by about 40 percent and the F1-derived HY-KERS regenerative braking system adds 10 percent more power over regular V12 road going Ferrari engine.

The photo of the 70-kg carbon tub contributing to a speculated 1,100 kg curb weight, and claimed 20-percent stiffness increase over previous Enzos was shown last week in Paris.

Autocar reports Magneti Marelli, Fiat’s in-house supplier, developed the Enzo’s electronic control modules and the main control unit is mounted atop the gearbox.

Lithium-ion battery size is not yet announced, but it’s reported the cells are supplied by Samsung, the pack is wrapped in Kevlar, and not mounted underneath the passenger compartment. Doing so would have compromised the low ride height, so Ferrari opted to place it behind the driver and passenger.

The orange wires give away this is an electrified vehicle, and they handle high voltages to and from the battery, while the blue wires connect control modules.

Its radiators are not seen as these will be tilted and mounted ahead of the front wheels and the traction motor does double duty as a starter.

While more details have yet to be revealed, and Ferraristi will likely be offered first dibs, buyers may have to choose between this and the Porsche 918 Spyder hybrid also being developed for production.

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