Ferrari P 4/5 Competizione May Go Hybrid For LeMans

The team behind the one-off Ferrari P 4/5 Competizione has released teaser images suggesting they might build an alternate fuel racing version to challenge Le Mans racers like the Toyota TS030 hybrid WEC car and the Audi R18 e-Tron Quattro.

In present form, the P 4/5 is a street legal car that also happens to be the fastest Ferrari ever to drive the Nuburgring and now it looks like the allure of the Le Mans LMP1 category is a next worthy goal.

“We’re considering various possibilities for 2013 and 2014,” said a representative for the team. “The LMP1 rules for 2014 are very suited to an Alternate Energy Car and we’re exploring the possibility of building and racing P 4/5 LMP in 2014.”

Various possibilities could include an entirely new alternative-fueled Ferrari powertrain for the privately funded team that is not sponsored by Ferrari, but still thought able to compete against the factory alternative fueled cars by Toyota and Audi.


On the Facebook page for the team run by James Glickenhaus, it said an alternative-fueled P 4/5 also aims to outdo itself by beating its record Nuburgring time.

“We also hope to lower our Ring Time Record for a Ferrari Powered car below 6:51 and as this race will be part of The FIA World Championship Alternate Energy Cup,” the team wrote, “which we’re currently leading in class seven, we also hope to win an FIA World Championship at this Race.

This is part one of a series featuring the P/5 Competizione. You can click through to successive episodes.

“On October 27th P 4/5 Competizione will return to The Ring. We’ve done a further EVO and hope to be a bit faster.”

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