Ferrari-Inspired Electric Bikes Showcased In Montreal

It took a team racing Ferrari sports cars to create and bring to a race paddock a quarto of e-bikes inspired by the cars the team races.

AIM Autosport Team FXDD Racing With Ferrari announced a co-branding partnership on a new project that promotes technologies from two forms of motive power; the motorsport design spectacle of the Ferrari 458 Italia Grand Am GT spec racing car, and that of the eco-friendly e-bikes designed by Amego Electric Vehicles.

The collaboration effort begins with the design element of the Amego Electric Bike that shares inspirations – the promoters say – common to each and every Ferrari ever designed, built, and raced.


The bicycles can be seen at the AIM Autosport Team FXDD racing transporter in the paddock area. The showcase includes a combination of the “Brave” and “Bold” models. Attending motorsport fans are provided a close-up view of the product and an opportunity to test drive the bikes.

Amego’s e-scooters and e-bikes are equipped with an exclusive and patented gel lead acid battery and have the option to upgrade to premium lithium-ion phospohate batteries. Acording to Amego, the gel lead acid batteries are good for 500 charging cycles when discharged 80 percent; with less than 1 percent per month standing self discharge. When stored, Amego’s battery only needs to be charged every six months to prevent damage and has no memory effect.

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  • Old Man Crowder

    But it looks like something my grandma would ride. If I’m going to tell people that I have a Ferrari (bike), I want it to look at least half-way cool.

  • jim turner

    Check out the original Ferrari of electric bikes, made in the USA at

  • Electro Bike

    Good review.I would like to say thanks for this post.

  • Forecasting Solutions

    I would like to try one of these bikes! They are cool

  • Dan Piraino

    Podeco Tech has a sweet line up of e-rides. Check out the Phantom X2

  • Stephanie

    The A2B bike displayed above the Montreal event, is the wrong bike.

    Ferrari actually collaborated with us on our Brave ( and Bold(

    If you ever want to come to Toronto to checkout our bikes, we’re at 533 Richmond St. W., #203 (Our Entrance is on Portland)

    Come by and say hey and checkout the awesome Ferrari bicycles