Female Drivers May Slightly Outnumber Males

The percentage of women drivers in the U.S. has slowly increased over the past 50 years so that today they are around equal in number, if not a little more.

But while there may be a higher number of registered women drivers, that does not mean the average traffic sampling has more women in it than men.

These results were found by a study by Michael Sivak of the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute which parsed Federal Highway Administration data from 1963-2013 chronicling a rise from 39.6 percent of all drivers being female to 50.5 percent in 2013.

Females first became a majority of registered drivers in 2005 but the study says the split is different with regards to percentages likely to be on the road.

Women drive less than males the study says so at any given time men may still outnumber women,.

“A consideration of both the percentage of drivers by gender and the average annual distance driven by gender reveals that, in 1963, 23.8% of drivers on the road were females, which increased to 40.8% by 2013,” says an abstract to the study.

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