Executive Rear Seats Available For Tesla Model S

A new interior upgrade for the Tesla Model S gives consumers the option of replacing the rear bench seat with two executive-style seats.

The $2,000 option adds a set of seats that are leather-wrapped and heated, with a center console in between. Included in the price is the $750 subzero weather package, mounting defrosters on the wiper blades, heaters to keep the washer fluid nozzles from icing up and a heated steering wheel.

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In order to add executive seats, buyers must also upgrade to leather seats for $1,500 (available in black, tan and grey), add the $1,500 Alcantara headliner (only available in white) and select the $3,500 premium interior package.

In all, the luxury interior with Nappa leather, LED accent lighting and executive rear seats adds up to $8,500 extra.

With the executive rear seats in place, the Model S goes from a 5- to a 4-passenger sedan.

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