Exagon Furtive eGT To Be Shown In London Next Week

Next week at the Salute to Style event, at the Hurlingham Club, in London, Exagon Motors will have on display its eGT all-electric luxury sports car.

The French company’s Web site is limited for details, but high on superlatives for a car that at current exchange rates may cost $528,000 (388,000 euros).


Among specifications divulged, is the car will have “the first monocoque light carbon fiber body” weighing just 273 pounds. Total curb weight is estimated at around 3,600 pounds, or about 1,200 pounds lighter than a Tesla Model S.

Propulsion is via two Siemens motors, said to be extremely light and compact, for an output 395 horsepower and 376 pounds-feet of torque.


This should enable the vehicle to sprint to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds, and top out at a limited 155 mph. Range has been previously estimated to be 122 miles at an average 80 mph, up to 250 miles under ideal (slow, easy) driving conditions.

In 2012 a report prior to its showing in Geneva, talk was of a range-extender being made available for up to 501 miles. Unclear is whether the RE is still in the plans.

Less ambiguous is the vehicle is being positioned for people willing to pay five times the price of a Model S, and the company’s marketing verbiage we’ll pass along without comment:

Define an object or a means of locomotion, describe an emotion or develop a vision, demonstrate power or evoke intensity. The Furtive-eGT calls on us to alter our approach to the prestige sports car – an approach that fantasized about excessive and tortured aerodynamic styling; that delighted in the roaring and whining of past times; that put performance in conflict with the environment. Today, the criteria have changed. Electrical power propels you prophetically into a new automotive era – an era of unprecedented audacity that arouses troubling, hard-to-describe sensations. With the Furtive-eGT, Exagon Motors brings back the notion of driving as sport by combining pioneer spirit, advanced technologies and French know-how in luxury automotive design.


The title of the above passage is “Unique” and true enough, the car is exclusive, and being presented as beautiful automotive art doing the most with present technology.

Compared to the $980,000 1,100-horsepower Rimac which is being produced in a series of eight units, it’s only half the price, and still unique.

Pending the London showing July 17-19, look for more news or photos of the latest on this extreme EV, or check out the company’s Web site. Following is a promo video from Oct. 2012 of the vehicle at the Nurburgring.

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