Evoto of Montreal Lets You Rent A Tesla

Montreal-based Evoto Rentals is a rental company with a difference. The company is a team of self-proclaimed “EV Evangelists” that rents exclusively Tesla electric vehicles

Evoto started renting the Tesla Model S last month and has just added a Model X SUV to its fleet. The company is the only place to rent an EV in Montreal, and it has plans to expand to select cities across Canada in the next few years.

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For someone who isn’t sure if they are ready to go electric, it’s a great way to try one out for a longer term. A full day in one, or multiple days, gives potential buyers a chance to make sure that an EV can fit their lifestyle. It’s also an option for anyone who has an EV now but doesn’t want to drive an internal combustion engine while they’re on vacation.

The Model S rental starts at CAD $400 per day, which comes in at just under $300 in U.S. funds. That gets a full day rental with unlimited mileage, free charging, and free delivery in downtown Montreal. Evoto staff will walk the renter through the car, and explain the tech and features to them.

Evoto said its goal is “to help advance the advent of sustainable transport, make people fall in love with cars again while using clean, zero emission energy.”

To help further offset its carbon footprint, Evoto will plant 10 trees in Africa with every rental through trees.org.


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