An EV that goes 200 miles per charge and looks good

They do say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and from feedback we’ve been noticing on the Web, more people seem to like the looks of this vehicle than not.

It’s called the SIM-WIL and it’s the brainchild of Japanese EV startup SIM-Drive. As a B-segment sized car, it’s the second project to emerge from the company and uses a 35.1-kw battery that will reportedly propel the SIM-WIL a distance of 218 miles before recharging is required.

In addition, once the Panasonic-supplied battery pack is depleted, SIM-Drive says it takes 12 hours to recharge it to full capacity, using a 200-volt charging unit. Further, the SIM-WIL reportedly has a top speed of 110 mph (180 kph), aided by its relatively bantam by EV standards 3,100 pound approximate curb weight.

Developed in conjunction with some 30 other companies, SIM-Drive says it’s planning to have a commercial version of this platform ready by 2014, although at this stage there’s no indication on price or actual availability.

If it does indeed materialize, is this something you might consider if it became available here in the U.S.? Is it a looker? Or the ugliest thing on wheels since the Aztek? As always, we’re interested to hear your thoughts.


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  • Shines

    It has some interesting lines… If it were available as a used car at a discount would it be on my list of cars to consider? Nope. Too strange looking for me. Somehow it reminds me of a vacuum cleaner…

  • James Davis

    The Japanese are smart people, but they have no artistic imagination at all. That car doesn’t have to be that ugly does it? The miles between charge is fantastic and will be a big plus in sales, but the car’s looks may hinder sales.

  • Capt601

    Tesla roadster has been able to go 245 miles for 3+ years. And looks good. Tesla Model s this year will go 160-300 miles and looks very good.

  • Max Reid

    This car has in-wheel motors which is the most efficient thing. So we dont know whats there in bonnet. Anyway price is an important factor. 218 Miles is impressive.

  • Gav

    It’s hideous. Kill it with fire.

  • Perky McDoo

    I like the lines…But…Why do car companies always have their concept cars introduced in ugly bright colors. This would generate so much more visual acceptance in a cobalt or pearl white color. If you can look past the color, it really has the same type of lines as a Scion iQ or even a Honda Fit. The 218 miles and 12 hours to charge still doesn’t make it a long range car, but it does make a good outer suburbs to urban area work commuter car…which is a great start.

  • Perky McDoo

    OK…I watched the video this time and I see they do have a concept in white and it does look much better.

  • Tad

    I hope this works out–outside of the BYD electric car, this car has by far the highest range of any electric car. 218 miles of range would make it competitive with regular cars–it’s over 5X the average round-trip commute (40 miles) that Chevy says most people drive per day. And, unlike the China’s BYD, the SIM car would come with Japanese reliability.
    It’s a slam-dunk if they can make it economically feasible. Looks-wise, who cares? Frankly, the weirder-looking the car, the more people will want to buy it for eco-cred. I mean, the Prius is supposed to be ugly, but that doesn’t stop 25,000 people per month from buying them.

  • TerryG

    Yes–all their artistry goes into anime and video games. None goes into cars. But I don’t think this is going to be a big problem with sales. After all, the Prius does some pretty good numbers. I think people are kind of used to the idea of electric and hybrid cars looking a little weird.

  • MrEnergyCzar

    It looks similar to the I-mev…


  • old grumpy

    Are you kidding me?? LOOKS GOOD?? LMAO.. This looks like a bug with a aztec rear end that has been cut off to look like it was just run into a wall!! What is with this chopped off back side? Looks like a shrunk Prius! Hate it

  • D Cosgrove

    The front end looks as if it started out as a Beetle and then had another car’s front end laid over it. Not enough angles to really comment on the rest. It is ugly though.

  • Mr. Fusion

    They look a little fat around the waist. Just clean up the love handles and it’s a looker.
    The white one looks like a Japanese man with glasses from the front : )

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