Europeans Now Mulling Revised MPG/Emissions Efficiency Tests

The European test cycle that determines a vehicle’s fuel economy and emissions output has been said to be optimistic, but indicators are that officials and the industry intend to revise test procedures for more realistic results.

This news came out of the Cars 21 summit held last week between European Union officials and auto industry chiefs.

Autocar quoted an attendee repeating what was presumably a general feeling that “a new driving test cycle and test procedure for measuring fuel consumption and emissions should be developed that is more representative of real-world driving.”

Little more is known at this point, but a preliminary plan said to be slated for 2014 is reportedly on the table as Europe also contemplates imposing fleet-wide CO2 emissions restrictions by 2020 limited to an average 95 g/km.


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  • CharlesF

    I wonder if they will keep the current system and use it for compliance with their CO2/km regulations and use the new system for posting to the consumer. We do that in the USA and it causes a few problems. A better system would be to adjust the regulations to a higher CO2/km and use the newer closer to real world values.

  • MrEnergyCzar

    Using the climate settings partially would certainly help when they test…