European Union Proposal Reduces Vehicle Emissions With Biofuels

A new package of laws and regulations drafted by the European Commission aims to reduce the use of fossil fuels by promoting biofuels within all European Union 28 member states.

The “Clean Energy for All Europeans” plan attempts to reduce emissions in both the transportation and energy sectors by transitioning to clean energy through energy efficiency, increased use of renewable energy for electricity generation and the use of biofuels for transportation.

“Transport still depends nearly entirely on fossil fuels,” the EC noted in a memo released before the proposed legislation was presented. “Oil supplies about 94 percent of all energy used to power European cars, trucks, ships and planes.”

The plan calls for EU member states to generate at least 27 percent of electricity from renewable sources, and devlop transportation fuels that produce at least 70 percent fewer greenhouse-gas emissions than fossil-fuel alternatives, Wards Auto reported.

The EC proposal to use advanced alternative fuels is essentially biofuels not made from crops used for food to prevent large-scale production from upsetting the food supply.

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“We want to have more renewable energy with an advanced-biofuels goal,” an EU official said at a press briefing before the draft’s release.

The proposal calls for capping food-based biofuels for energy use at seven percent in 2021, reduced to 3.8 percent in 2030.

An overall target for the use of “advanced biofuels and renewable-transport fuels” increases from 1.5 percent in 2021 to 6.8 percent in 2030.

Auto manufacturers aren’t opposed to increasing the use of biofuels, but are concerned that the certain feedstocks can clog fuel filters, especially in cold weather because they contain fatty-acid methyl ester.

A spokesperson for the ACEA, a trade group that represents European automakers, told Wards Auto that fuel producers will take advantage of the plan’s advanced biofuels definition and develop fuels that will cause issues with current diesel engines.

The legislative package will be debated in an upcoming European Council government meeting, and it could take up to two years before a final rules decision is made.

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