End of the Road
End of the Road

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  • Ted

    It’s a sad day with gas at record highs Americans don’t seem interested in the most fuel-efficient mass-produced automobile ever sold in the US. :sigh

  • Strider

    The Insight was an expensive and very cramped vehicle. It got great MPG, but a careful driver can do nearly as well with a roomier Prius or HCH. Not surprising it didn’t sell enough to be viable.

  • Indigo

    Two-seat cars have always had a challenge in the united states. The Insight, however, suffered from a double-whammy: it was a 2-seat vehicle that wasn’t a sports car.

    It was an engineering success, even if it was not a commercial one. We can thank the existence of the Insight for the Accord and Civic hybrids.

    With any luck, there will be a hybrid Fit in a couple years to replace the Insight.

  • Chimp Racer

    From an aesthetic design point of view it broke new ground. Perhaps it will become a cherished iconic vintage car like the old Messerschmitts or the Pacer?

  • Kate

    I will always love and cherish my Insight. There will be nicer, more efficient vehicles to come along, but the Insight has such personality!!

  • Radar 1

    I love my Insight! I’m glad I had the Insight to buy one while I had the chance. I’ll give it all the love and care of a fine vintage vehicle, all the while hoping that something hybrid or electric comes along soon to replace my (necessary-but small) pick-up truck.
    It’s too bad that Honda gave up on its high-mpg champ without an immediate replacement.

  • Justin

    The only reason the insight got good mpgs was that it was a two-seated car. I never liked the insight. Honda other hybrid cars don’t do good either. the Best hybrid out there is definitely the TOYOTA PRIUS!! I own a Prius and I love it! I gets over EPA MPG on the Prius. 🙂 :grin 🙂 :grin 🙂 8)


    We got an 01 Prius first, an 00 Insight (1/2 price on eBay, 26K miles), and now our 3rd car is an 04 Prius.
    “Alumena” the insight has 105,000 miles and gets 57.1 mpg. Maybe once a month I have to trade cars in order to carry 2 passengers, but with the little Insight I can transport my relative with her luggage and folding wheelchair! I’ll keep it going as long as possible, and keep an eye open for a hybrid Fit to take its place someday.

  • turqoise

    This technological marvel based on the electromechanics of the last century is proof that engineering can improve economy. I pray those engineers out there won’t make me wait too long for the next vehicle of my choice that gets even better mileage.

  • Dave

    Insight is still my fave to drive since 2000, lightest carbon footprint vehicle IMO. Great head room and leg room, and tha hatch back is so versatile. Our family’s Insight consistently beats the mpgs of our 04 Prius 2G. 60 mpg Insight vs. 46 avg with prius. It is not a crowd-hauler. But as a daily commute driver or date-mobile, it rocks. It will never rust in Ohio’s salty winter roads. The Prius 2G copied its hatch back design but not its Honda-ness. Touch screen dash, climate and audio displays are so distracting. Massive Toyota batteries will cost more in the end too. The Insight will be with me as long as possible and I may consider retrofitting its drive power someday when other options come along. (Back to the future!)

  • paul

    I’m really surprised Honda DC’d the Insight without a real replacement. I’m 6’1″ and 230 lbs and anyone who says the Insight is cramped has never been in one. The car has all the get up and go you could ever want and I regularly haul 8-10 50 lb. bags of fertilizer or chicken feed in the hatchback. I have 100K on my 2001 and when it dies (not even close yet), I’ll just find a low mileage used one. I love my Insight.

  • Tim

    I’d consider the Insight in a second IF it received strong safety ratings. However, the lack of side and curtain airbags would make me extremely nervous to be driving around with all those high fendered SUVs.

  • mike h

    love my insight! paid $8500 for a 2000 with 47k miles in early 2007 – averaging almost 72mpg!

    Thank you Honda for building it!

    I sold my 2006 Prius becuz I was “only” getting hi 40′ lo 50’s mpg.