Elon Musk To Speak January At Automotive News World Congress

The 39th annual Automotive News World Congress will feature Tesla CEO Elon Musk as a speaker Tuesday, January 13.

These events normally attract industry bigwigs and other influential people to speak to attendees from the automotive retail and manufacturing world, and Automotive News made a separate news brief to note Musk’s appearance.

“The 43-year-old native of South Africa this month ranked No. 1 on a list of ‘top disrupters’ by Vanity Fair,” noted AN.

Musk (center) presides over first Model S delivery in June 2012.

Musk (center) presides over first Model S delivery in June 2012.

In essence, Musk will be speaking to people who are among the most directly disrupted by what Tesla is attempting to do, as AN notes after highlighting Tesla’s well-known-to-its-readership’s sales and stock market successes.

“Meanwhile, Musk continues to defy the franchise dealer system with his direct sales approach, sparking challenges in courts across the country,” said AN. “He is also CEO of rocket maker Space Exploration Technologies Corp. and chairman of solar power provider SolarCity.”

What will Musk say? This was not revealed, but the address will be at 5 Eastern time as part of a program titled “Setting the Pace in a Thriving Market.”

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