Electric Circuit And VERnetwork Partnership

The two largest Canadian electric vehicle charging station networks have agreed to work together.

Quebec’s Electric Circuit and the VERnetwork have announced that they will soon offer total interoperability.

This means drivers with an access card for either system will soon be able to use it on both. Electric Circuit members will gain access to the 150 VERnetwork stations in Québec, on top of the 400 stations in their current network.

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The VERnetwork is the largest charging network in Canada, having more than 700 stations, both public and private, connected and managed remotely.

Both companies stated the interoperability of the two networks will be implemented in 2015 in three stages, as follow:

1. In June, members of both networks will be able to use their cards to charge their vehicles at both Electric Circuit and VERnetwork stations.

2. In July, the Electric Circuit and VERnetwork mobile apps will be able to display the stations in both networks and provide all the features currently available in either of the applications (log-in, start-up, real-time tracking of charging, and more).

3. In the fall, all the stations and their status will be displayed on both the Electric Circuit and the VERnetwork Web sites.

Each network will maintain its rates for its stations.

The interoperability between both networks will be an easy task to plan hardware-wise as both networks use chargers built by Canadian EV charging stations builder AddÉnergie.

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