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    Federal Guidelines Balance Safety and Innovation in Self Driving Cars

    The federal government issued long-awaited guidelines late Monday backing fully autonomous vehicles that can save lives. In a joint appearance, Anthony Foxx, secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation and Jeffrey Zients, director of the National Economic Council, released guidelines that encourage technology innovations from companies balanced with concerns over public safety. The guidelines provide […]


    2017 Chevy Bolt EV Priced From $37,495; Premier is $41,780

    Today Chevrolet made official what its marketers had let slip in January by disclosing the 2017 Bolt EV in LT trim will start at $37,495 including destination charge. The automaker additionally said a Premier trim will also be offered for $$41,780 including destination. The first all-electric car at this price to offer over 200-miles range […]


    California Removes ‘Green Sticker’ Cap For Unlimited PHEV Solo-HOV Lane Access

    All this year California plug-in hybrid consumers have waiting for a resolution over a limit reached last December for “green stickers” enabling solo driver access to HOV lanes, and now the state has again begun issuing the desirable decals. After hashing it out, legislators have decided to allow an unlimited number of applicants to receive […]

    Hybrid Car News

    Early Bolt EVs May Not Have Promised Navigation

    Indicators are that a promised built-in map-based navigation system for the Bolt EV may not yet be available and it’s not clear if it will be in time for first deliveries. With release of Chevrolet’s Bolt EV fleet order guide, conspicuously absent in its 26 pages is any mention of this feature. Early ride-along videos […]

    Ohio State and Venturi’s VBB-3 Smashes Electric Land Speed Record: 341 mph

    Ohio State University, in cooperation with Monaco-based luxury carmaker Venturi, again established a new electric world land speed record in the VBB-3 prototype race car. The sleek black and red rocket of a land speed racer with a drag coefficient of only .13, completed two runs on the 11-mile Bonneville Salt Flats course in Utah […]

    Google Self-Driving Lexus SUV Side Struck in California Without Injuries

    Google’s self-driving car project took its worst vehicle crash on Friday, without injuries. A van used by Interstate Batteries ran a red light and side struck a Lexus RX 450h hybrid crossover SUV retrofitted by Google for its self-driving car project. Google employees were riding in the car, and sat “dazed” but uninjured while waiting […]

    Renault-Nissan Heads to the Cloud With Microsoft Partnership

    The ongoing deals between automakers and tech companies continued today with the Renault-Nissan Alliance inking a partnership with Microsoft Corp. Microsoft agreed to provide its Azure cloud platform for cars made by Nissan and Renault as the automaker pushes forward with developing connected and self-driving vehicles. “While the connected car experience is in its infancy, […]

    Paris Motor Show To Feature Diesel-Free and Tesla-Competitive Electric Cars

    While the biennial Paris Motor Show scheduled to start four days from now was previously known as a showcase for high-performance diesel cars from French automakers, electric cars will be the recurring theme at this year’s event. Some of that comes from concern by German automakers that Tesla will be able to dominate the luxury […]

    LG Chem Supplying Lithium Ion Cells to Faraday Future

    LG Chem may be the leading supplier of lithium ion cells to Faraday Future. According to a Korea Herald article reported by Inside EVs, LG Chem signed a deal with Faraday Future for a supply worth about 2.7 trillion won ($2.4 billion) in August. The announcement had been delayed by the South Korean government’s “recent […]