Eat & Charge At Texas Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store continues to drive its support of electric vehicle travel with the unveiling today of high-powered rapid charging eVgo Freedom Station sites at four old country stores located in and around Dallas/Ft. Worth.

NRG Energy, Inc. recently completed the installations at Cracker Barrel stores in Burleson, Arlington, DeSoto and Mesquite. The new charging stations, available around the clock for eVgo network subscribers, are a significant part of NRG’s plan to enhance their Texas network and provide more charging options and range confidence for electric vehicle (EV) owners.

Each eVgo Freedom Station located at Cracker Barrel includes one DC Fast charger, capable of delivering 30 miles of charge in 10 minutes, and one Level 2 charger that delivers up to 25 miles of range for every hour plugged in. With the DC Fast charger, Cracker Barrel guests will essentially be able to fill up in about the same time it takes to order and eat a meal.

NRG plans to install a total of 70 Freedom Station sites in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and 50 in the Houston area, with 11 already in place in Houston and six installed in Dallas/Ft. Worth. As the stations are installed, the company monitors their usage and gathers information to strategically place the remaining stations to sustain and grow the network.

Cracker Barrel Dallas/Ft. Worth Freedom Station Locations:

Arlington: 1251 North Watson Road

Burleson: 13301 South Freeway

DeSoto: 1421 N. Interstate 35E

Mesquite: 5304 North Galloway Avenue

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  • Van

    If we assume an energy efficiency of 3.5 miles per KWh, then it would take about 8.6 KWh of juice to go 30 miles. That works out to a charging rate of about 50 KW or a somewhat less than 1 KWh per minute, which is fantastic.

    Now which connector is provided, the one on the Leaf, or the European design?

  • Max Reid

    Great news.

    There are 10,000 + EV charging stations in USA. Soon, this may exceed the 160,000 + network of gasoline stations.

  • Philaphonic

    “Freedom Station”?. More like “Strangle Station”. I will never, ever join any company’s private charging network, and I encourage other EV owners to boycott them also. No one has to join Chevron’s, Exxon’s, or Shell’s private network to gas up their ICE cars, and EV charging should be no different. To NRG (and others), I say, “Mikhail eVgorbachev, tear down this wall!”