E-Cell Benz Supercar Caught In Pre-Production Testing

Are any of you dreaming of owning a high-performance, exclusive fuel-cell supercar?

Mercedes-Benz’ AMG division has been working on such a car and it has recently been caught testing, suggesting production will soon be underway.

We know it will be called SLS AMG E-Cell, incorporates a high-voltage lithium-ion battery system and a permanent all-wheel-drive system with four individual electric motors with a combined peak output of 392 kilowatts. The four compact electric motors each achieve a maximum rotational speed of 12,000 rpm.

The four electric motors have been mounted in a way to optimize unsprung mass location. These motors are also used a for the permanently active torque vectoring system which allows selective distribution of power and braking to each wheel.

The SLS AMG E-CELL incorporates a liquid-cooled high-voltage battery consisting of 12 modules each comprising 72 lithium-ion polymer cells. This optimized arrangement of a total of 864 cells has benefits not only in terms of best use of the installation space, but also in terms of performance. The maximum electric load potential of the high-voltage battery is 480 kw.

Why do we believe this is the carbon fiber-shell E-Cell version? The photographer was surprised by the lack of sound and the absence of tailpipes in the rear confirms it.

The SLS AMG E-Cell is expected to be available in 2013 in a very limited production run. A pre-production version of this supercar has been seen in the Silvretta E-rallye last July.


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