Does the 2016 Volt Look Like a Honda Civic?

Here and there readers have been saying the 2016 Volt mimics some of a Honda’s design cues.

To be fair, other automakers copy each other to a greater or less degree all the time, so you could say this article is just a floating of one of the latest potential borrowings for your consideration.

2013 Civic Coupe, 2016 Volt.

2013 Civic Coupe, 2016 Volt.

But depending on the angle, the alleged resemblance may have some truth to it – particularly from the back and side, whereas from other angles there are more clear differences.

And while on the topic, the first-generation Volt has also appeared to bear some resemblance to a Honda product in the front – specifically, a decade-old Acura TL – and others have said to other model years as well from certain angles.

Have you ever driven along the road and looked ahead to see an Acura approaching and wondered whether it was a first-generation Volt, then realized it wasn’t?

2004-2006-era Acura TL, 2011 Volt.

2004-2006-era Acura TL, 2011 Volt.

Is there anything to these comparisons? If there is, would anyone find it ironic that the first Volt looked like a more up-market sedan while the newer one looks like a down-market coupe (with an extra door) – but the new Volt is perceived nicer? And if so, could that just be because the Acura in question is older, and the Civic is newer?

Or, maybe you see no comparison? Maybe comparisons could be drawn between the 2016 Volt to other vehicles on the road? And for that matter, perhaps other cars echo cues from the Civic as well?

2015 Kia Forte (L) and 2016 Volt.

2015 Kia Forte (L) and 2016 Volt.

Modern design is often refined in a wind tunnel. The new Volt has a coefficient of drag close to the 0.285 of the gen-one car, said chief engineer Andrew Farah.

Farah did not say the Volt resulted only from a wind-tunnel – and certainly other shapes are available – but could it be some of the resemblance to a Civic was a result of form following function?


Or, one could also conjecture perhaps upper level demographics would appreciate a car that looks like popular Japanese products and that may have gone through the mind of GM’s designers too?

Maybe. And maybe people are just imagining things or making much ado about very little?

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