Disconnect Battery

Before doing any service work to any hybrid, the battery must be disconnected. A shock from a battery this size can be fatal, so be sure you know what you are doing and follow the instructions in the factory manual. To disconnect the battery on the Insight, remove the small door on the floor of the rear cargo area. We wear high voltage "lineman’s gloves," rated to 1000 Volts AC. This way we are protected in case there are any faults in the wiring. After flipping the switch, we removed the whole floor cover to test for voltage before starting work on the car. The Insight will store voltage in its capacitors even after the switch is turned off, so you must allow time for the capacitors to discharge before beginning work.

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  • khooper

    There is another way you can disconnect your car from the battery. This requires the installation of a battery switch. This product can readily be found at your local autopartswrehouse. The actual switch is turned on and off by the use of a key. Therefore, only you can control it! A battery switch is a great way to ensure that your car doesn’t get stolen. It’s also a handy device to use if you’re going to store your car for a long period of time.