Detroit Electric To Begin SP:01 Production Q4 In The Netherlands

The revived U.S. company operating under the name of the former Detroit Electric is being further delayed in plans to produce its SP:01 in the U.S., but meanwhile will begin European production fourth quarter this year in Holland.

In June we reported the company had pushed back an August start date to September for production of the $135,000 electric car in Wayne County, Mich.

Now it says it will begin the limited production run of 999 units at the company’s existing plant in the EV-friendly Netherlands.

The company is still seeking to meet U.S. federal safety standards so it can eventually produce the Lotus-based cars in Michigan as well.

Detroit Electric is an iconic name of an American electric car company that went out of business in 1939 and was “rebooted” in 2008 by UK-based former Lotus Engineering Group boss Albert Lam.

Lam said the idea is indeed to start an American company and is determined to see original goals met.

“We are Detroit Electric, not London Electric,” said Lam.

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