Detroit Electric Shows Teaser With Three EV Silhouettes

Detroit Electric just released a teaser sketch with outlines of three new all-electric vehicles scheduled to roll out over the next three years.

The image was released during the Low Carbon Vehicles 2017 summit today in Bedfordshire, UK, and shows a sports car, crossover, and a large “saloon” type vehicle.

The company is developing these concept vehicles at its UK plant in Leamington Spa. It’s backed by a $1.8 billion investment made earlier this year through a joint venture with Far East Smarter Energy Group, a Chinese company that makes batteries and electrical components. Ahead of the new cars, the two companies plan to get series production ramped up by the end of this year for Detroit Electric’s previously revealed SP:01 electric sports car.

At the time of the JV announcement in March, Detroit Electric said that two more electric car models were in the planning stages for release in the near future.

Now it looks like three more EVs are in the planning phase. Although one of the three silhouettes has been identified a sports car, none of the three concept sketches look like the SP:O1, which was first revealed in 2013 as a two-seat roadster built on a Lotus platform.

As you can see in this photo of the SP:O1, it doesn’t look like any of the teaser sketch images.

Albert Lam, chairman and CEO, brought over a team of Lotus Engineering executives to the revived company in 2008 by purchasing the name rights to a company that once made electric cars decades ago.

The new Detroit Electric started with a factory in Holland through the initial testing phase of the SP:01, and eventually set up a larger plant in England. The first production unit rolled out in England late last year.

Far East Smarter Energy Group and Detroit Electric hope to get SP:01 series production ramped up by the end of this year.

The saloon concept is being targeted for the UK market, home of the saloon vehicle configuration. It could any number of vehicle types, including a stretch limousine fashioned for corporate executives.

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CTO and company director Richie Frost expects Low Carbon Vehicles 2017 to be ideal for telling the story of the financially sound carmaker that’s looking to hire more talent.

“We have secured a solid financial foundation and are fortunate to have exceptional facilities in Warwickshire that we’re looking to expand further in the months ahead,” Frost said. “And to that we are adding between 150 and 200 roles (jobs) that we’re filling with the best vehicle and electrical engineering talent in the country, some of who we’re hoping to find here at the LCV show.”

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