Detroit Electric Goes To Korea

Electric vehicles provided by Detroit Electric will end up in South Korea.

Detroit Electric and Integrated Energy signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the supply of high performance EVs and a joint project to deploy “V2X” technology on South Korea’s Jeju island.

Integrated Energy is a Korea-based company engaged in the energy and eco-business sectors while Detroit Electric is an electric vehicle manufacturer.

According to the MOU, Integrated Energy will conduct retail sales of Detroit Electric electric vehicles, and both companies will implement a joint V2X project which will include a pilot program in South Korea.

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The MOU was signed October 13 by Billy So, the Chairman of Integrated Energy Ltd, and Albert Lam, the Chairman and Group CEO of Detroit Electric Holdings Ltd.

Detroit Electric said sales of its EVs are expected to start in the first quarter of 2015, and Integrated Energy will place an initial order of 300 vehicles at the signing of the dealer agreement.

Jeju Island is, according to Integrated Energy, equipped with the most comprehensive electric vehicle charging infrastructure in South Korea and has set its sights on becoming a zero car emissions zone by 2020.

Both companies also declared their V2X pilot program, including a demonstration site in Jeju Island, will use electric vehicles developed and manufactured by Detroit Electric; these will be equipped with bi-directional charge and discharge features made possible through the patented Detroit Electric home charging and power back-up unit – named ‘360-POWERBACK’ – which turns the vehicle into a power source for both the grid and the home.

Integrated Energy and Detroit Electric added they foresee the potential to further deploy this V2X technology to other regions in South Korea, after a successful implementation of the initial V2X pilot program.

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