Demand For EV Charging Prompts More Bay Area Facilities

Today the Car Charging Group, Inc. announced expansion of its electric vehicle (EV) charging services at seven properties managed by Ace Parking Management, including Silicon Valley hotels parking locations in San Francisco, the Peninsula, and Monterey.

These newest locations are strategically situated in work areas, meeting places, and shopping areas frequented by EV drivers.

“There’s so much demand for EV charging services at our hotel partner locations, for overnight guests as well as for business accommodations,” said Titou Malsang, regional hotel director for Ace Parking in Northern California. “Our customers increasingly recognize EV charging as a necessary amenity, and that helps drive our business forward. We’re pleased to work with CarCharging to deploy EV charging services as a shared amenity at our properties.”

The increased demand prompting installation of more charging units was also noted by Michael D. Farkas, CEO of CarCharging.

“Ace Parking serves a growing demographic of EV drivers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area who want to patronize businesses that both promote and share their eco-awareness,” said Farkas. “Our partnership with Ace Parking makes the convenience of CarCharging’s EV services accessible to more EV drivers where they work, meet and shop.”

At each Ace Parking location, CarCharging’s service utilizes a Coulomb Technologies EV fast charging station, known as Level II, which provides 240 volts with 32 amps of power to quickly refuel an electric vehicle’s battery. The EV charging stations utilize the standard SAE J1772 connector widely adopted by nearly all automobile manufacturers.

EV drivers can easily register and create a CarCharging account online, and attach a small card to their keychain to initiate use and payment at any intelligent CarCharging station. The CarCharging keychain card also allows drivers to use charging locations on the ChargePoint Network, the largest national online network connecting EV drivers to EV charging stations. Car Charging also accepts direct payment via credit card.

Users can pinpoint EV charging station locations using the online CarCharging map. The ChargePoint mobile application for the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry phones also provides real-time charging station location information with turn-by-turn directions. Drivers will soon be able to reserve a time slot, guaranteeing access to EV charging stations to recharge their electric vehicle.

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  • Al Bunzel

    There would be a number of service station owners/operators (particularly the independents) who would be interested in having a fast charging facility at their service stations. Whilst the customers are waiting for their cars to get charged, the service station can sell them coffee and other refreshments and make even more money.

    Would be interesting to see if service station owners/operators have been approached.